How are you gonna hate on Kirk Hammett? | Reviewer: Mike | 11/9/08

I understand that Dave Mustaine played a big role in Metallica's early success. I've also got to say that Megadeth is a damn good band, but there's no way you can say that Hammett isn't worthy of being synonymous with Metallica. Mustaine got thrown out in what, 1983? So that means that his contribution to the band lasted about 2 years. Now don't get me wrong, Kirk is in no way the best guitarist out there, but in my opinion he is better the Dave was WITH Metallica.

And I also gotta say that this song, Disposable Heroes, and One are all better than The Four Horsemen. Horsemen is still a beastly song though.

Metallica... Kirk Hammett? | Reviewer: Anonymity | 10/31/08

Get real, fools. This song is AMAZING, I shall admit that much. However, saying 'Metallica' and Kirk Hammett in the same sentence, paragraph, or what have you, is blasphemous.
Metallica started with James, Lars, and Dave Mustaine. Dave Mustaine was the heart and soul of Metallica, and his solos were varied in many different aspects.
By saying Kirk Hammett is better than Dave, you are telling me that Fade to Black is better than The Four Horsemen, which it is not.
By saying Kirk Hammett is better than Dave, you are saying that a man who helped to lead Metallica on to what they have become now - pathetic - is better than the man who started Megadeth, who STILL continues to improve upon his current sound and deliver both stunning vocals, songwriting and guitar wizardry.
Furthermore, to anyone who happened to watch the Buckethead vs Kirk Hammett video.. Buckethead won. End of story. Buckethead is superior to Kirk Hammett in every way.

!KINGS OF METAL! | Reviewer: muzz | 7/25/08

simply amazing, without a doubt metallica are the reigning kings of metal and will be in my mind for another decade, the lyrics so deep and the solos, weeks to rehearse even for a guitarist as skilled a kirk hammett, my god

best metal song | Reviewer: diezel | 3/20/08

this song has stood the test of time, because you know its epic, and everything we listen to nowadays weather the band wants to admit it or not was so heavily influenced by metallica that its rediculous.

its a mind blowing song | Reviewer: santosh hamal | 3/9/08

this song is great in every parts whreas in lyrics too and the music is too great too which is usually a mistaken for a bass guitar this song reminds me of late bassist of the metallica that is cliff burton and hehas shown great creatinity in every parts

there is hope | Reviewer: Jay | 2/14/08

Metallica was told by there manager dude on this album they have coming out here in 2008 to look back on master of puppets and ride the lightning to inspire them to go back to the sound everyone loved, instead of that st anger soundin SHIT

Metallica 4 ever | Reviewer: Johnny the boy | 1/27/08

Metallica changed now because in it's early life they burned everything good they had like a candle, and later on there was nothing else good to give. Lars and James spend all they've got in poetry and wisdom in those filosofical lyrics of the firts albums, specially in and justice for all, master of puppets and ride the lighting. There was nothing else to say or express in a filosofical matter that could reach the foot of what those first years lyrics achieved.
For whom the bell tolls, along with leper messiah and welcome home (sanitarium), creeping death, etc...that's too much for a band to develop, no other band has never gone so far like they did, in quality of music production.

Is there any hope for Metallica...? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/08

Although a band may change their sound over time no one expects a change in sound as big as the one Metallica developed. To develope is to plant a seed and let it flower into something far better but, in my opinion, Metallica's earlier music is by far superior to their later music. It may be argued that they're getting old and loosing their touch but to that I have one answer... Motorhead.
I don't know how they do it but Motorhead keep getting better, anyone that's heard the "Kiss of Death" album should know what I mean. Each time I see them they deliver a show just as outragous as the last, if not better... despite the fact they've been around for like 30 somthing years. On the contrary Metallica have seemily got worse and equally I don't know how they do it.
I not shunning Metallica, I'd but if they want to regain a bit of popularity they need to go back to their roots, pull their fingers out and metal up their ass's... and not have a shrink who looks worse than they do, bad idea if you ask me.
So is their any hope for Mteallica? I've done my research heard "the new song" and "the other new song", read reports and I can come to only one conclusion... yes. From what I've read I would say that there is plenty of hope that Metallica will deliver a stunning album that should hopefully blow out speakers worldwide. However you know what they say, "It's all lies", lol.

Anyway, "for whom the bell tolls". I think this is possibly one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life. It does the trick for me every day and I love it. I can't get over how amazing Cliff's bass solo at the start is. I just want to know how he plays it on the Cliff 'em All video because he certainly doesn't play it like that on the album. I'm refering to the additional accents he plays during the song and not just the solo at the start... I already know how to do that. Has anyone got a tab or anything? Mail me at

Rest in peace Cliff, love you're work and thanks for shaking hands with my mam and kissing her on the cheek on September 19th 1986 in Newcastle, England.

Just one more thing... "Howay the lads" lol

Love and peace, x.

For whom the bell tolls | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/07

This song is still one of the greatest epic metal songs.
Definatly good when uni semesters coming to an end and you have to work all night :S lmao

themasterofpuppetz is right... | Reviewer: TheGrandPoobah | 11/26/07

They never sold out. Not after the black album, not after St. Anger. OF COURSE their sound will change over such a long period of time, don't ALL bands? If a band kept the same sound for 20 or more years, nobody would listen to them. Why? Because it'd sound like the same old shit over and over again. Metallica just redefines themselves as time goes on.

7th circle is a dumbass...and for the record... | Reviewer: TheMasterofPuppetz | 11/19/07

Metallica has NEVER sold out. St Anger is HARDER than any of the other albums. Just because a group changes its sound some over 20+ years doesnt mean that they have sold out. If you read any commentaries that other people write about them, they always say "They defy the norm, and they do what they want". Just read it in S&M's cover. Anyone who says Metallica sold out, doesnt really listen to the songs, is not a true fan, is is completely full of shit.

Bloody awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/07

God, this song is just friggin awesome, and yeah, the S&M version with orchestra rocks, but nothing can beat that song featuring legendary Cliff Burton. The guy was just...incredible. I'll sure admit James, Kirk and Lars rock as well, but Metallica sound pretty different since Cliff died (rest in peace)...I guess I'd even learn to play bass like that just to play this intro and Orion

AWEXOME | Reviewer: hyper snyper | 10/12/07

damn this song is friggin AWEXOME!! who's heard it live with the orchestra? I have and it's incredible!

When Metallica was Metallica... | Reviewer: 7th circle | 10/1/07

Great song, great for playing out, as well as, Fade to black and Seek and destroy...All was well with Metallica until the Black album finally gave them the "lightbulb head syndrome" and they became Selloutica...none the less, very good early stuff...

great song | Reviewer: nose | 9/1/07

is a great song of metallica but also the cover of blue oyster cult and megadeth a tribute to metallica is great