METALLICA=METALLICA | Reviewer: drummer #534243 | 11/8/09

metallica will always be metallica unless james hetfield or lars ulrich leave, because they started the band; mustaine, burton, hammet, and trujillo all followed and add their own thing but without james or lars the band would sound completely different and end up not even being metallica. so stop bitching about mustaine and hammet for god's sake!

metallica 1, megadeth 2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/09

megadeth will never be even close to metallica's greatness. Metallica ruled, Megadeth followed.
luckily the rivalry between the two bands has sorta ended, but in my (and mustaines) opinion mustaine just fucked up in the beginning. he got carried away with sex drugs and r&r, now he's paying the price, probably for the rest of his life

For Whom the Bell Tolls | Reviewer: David | 6/30/09

This song has to be one of the most incredible songs of all time, the vocal melody in the verses is just mindblowing, but no one ever seems to point out that it sounds like there is supposed to be a second part to the song

Metallica vs Megadeath? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/09

I just think that there's no point in trying to see which one is better, this is just a taste matter, if you like Metallica, you must like them for how you feel with their songs, not because they have better techniques or better muscians, the same for the ones that like Megadeath. C'mon since when the music is about science?
Guys thanks for the lyrics, keep up the good work!

Your all wrong and i have facts to prove it | Reviewer: Marco | 5/7/09

okay, So the BIG question is, Is Metallica Better then Megadeth? The Answer to this question has no freakin answer cuz it's opinion wise. Metallica kicked Dave out because he's drug abuse and addictions where leading to disaster and they just had to let 'em go. It wasn't easy for Metallica to let go of Dave because he was a badass guitarist and fit perfectly with Metallica. So Now Dave is out to Prove Metallica that he is better then them, and i have to say, The way Metallica is doing right now he might actually succeed.

Kirk is a badass guitarist as well. Clean solos not too fast and not slow nor Boring! Anyways, Megadeth did kick out some of his best men out of the band, But that was because They where selling their own equipment for drug money! And they just had to be stopped! So If he didn't do that action where would Megadeth be now? Anyways. To MY OPINION Metallica all they way! I just hope they come out with something better then they're most recent albums!

Why'd we start talking about Mustaine? | Reviewer: George | 4/30/09

Ok, Megadeth is a good band and that is where Dave is best and he fits with them so why talk about him now? Anyway, these lyrics are awesome and James really did well when writing this song. I like all Metallica and this proves that you don't need a solo for a song to be amazing. (St. Anger too)

Even if I tried I couldn't come up with a top 40 list of songs but every song off of Ride The Lightning is amazing. ESPECIALLY Creeping Death For Whom The Bell Tolls and Fight Fire With Fire.

the truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/09

i think that dave moustaine is an ass hole and thats y he was fired from metallica he thinks he can do what he wants but he needed metallica more than metallica needed him, this song was all cliff burton, i just heard a gay symphonic version of this song they did because they couldnt play this song without him.

...And Justice For All | Reviewer: Matt | 4/10/09

When Dave Mustaine or anybody or any band can produce an album as influential and as great as ...And Justice For All or write even one song that is almost as good as To Live Is To Die then there will be an arguement as to wether Metallica is the greatest band to ever live. I am not hating on Megadeth in any way, Symphony of Destruction is a great song, all I am saying is that Metallica put out the best album that has been or probably ever will be made... Peace.

whatever | Reviewer: metalifan16 | 4/12/09

Ok....both mustaine and hammett are incredible guitar players. Dave helped get metallica going but Kirk has been a part of metallica success for over 20 years. Dave helped get it going. And Kirk has helped keep it going for 20 years. He has more than proven that he is better with metallica then Dave was. And btw. James hetfield is the heart and soul of metallica, in my opinion. He is my hero!!!

The Problem with the Mustaine/Metallica thing is this | Reviewer: Rob n Roll | 4/5/09

Mustaine has followed Metallica's career, and simply don it another way, usually better. Its evident by the way Metallica had that slump with Hard Rock in the mid/late 90's and then went back to thrash, Megadeth did exactly the same.

Mustaine is not out to be better than Metallica, he is out to be Metallica, and besides at Download Festival a few years back Megadeth Supported Dragonforce. Meallica 1 Megadeth 0

What each guitarist brought to Metallica they leave out, Mustaine had the speed and amazing technique, but Hammett's solo's have an agreeable pace rather than needless speed and they have a certain amount of feel, with the exception of "One", which it has to be said is a completely over-rated solo.

Another difficulty I have with Megadeth is that they're barely a band, it's the Dave Mustaine Show. When he fired Friedman and Elefson he ruined the band, they were the most talented group of the time with that line up, but Mustaine was more interested in fucking over Metallica that he screwed the pooch too hard and everything Megadeth have done hence forth have basically been songs not deemed good enough to be put on a Metallica album, which is insulting considering Load, ReLoad and St.Anger.

You shouldn't even be talking about guitar players in a review about For Whom the Bell Tolls, talk about Burton and Ulrich for Gods sake, the song could have no guitar in it at all and it wouldn't make much of a difference lol

Metallica is the best no questions | Reviewer: Corey | 1/23/09

Anonymity i dont think anyone is saying that fade to black is better than the four horsemen.....BUT Master of puppets, For Whom the Bell Tolls,Damage INC,ONE,Battery....Ill stop there Megadeth is a great band I like there music but Metallica made there best music after dave left when they made Master of Puppets and And Justice for All. Also who the hell cares if Bucket Head is a better guitar player Metallica is a band something I have noticed megadeth fans do is they want to just look a Kirk Hammett if you look at the whole band as a unit they are better than Megadeth hands down. And they did the right thing kicking dave out he cant keep a band together for more than 2 albums so if they didnt fire dave i would be willing to bet we would not have most of the music from metallica OR megadeth the way we do today

Metallica | Reviewer: Omar | 12/23/08

There is no other band than has reached so much glory or that have passed through so many difficulties and even so have been. At the top of metal music ever. Thanks metallica for giving us this perfect song "for whom the bell tolls" and all your fantastic and deep songs, who could deny they are the best?

James Hetfield. | Reviewer: Chris | 11/25/08

James is the only reason i'm still playing guitar. Watching Metallica gets my hyper because they are a great band and Kirk IS better than Dave but they both have thier different styles and I see them both as good guitarists tho. If not for James, there wouldn't be metallica. He's the man but they all are GREAT!

Metallica | Reviewer: (The Real) James Hetfield | 11/23/08

Thanks for all the praise guys. I love this song too. We're going to play it when we go to Chicago. About Kirk Hammett: He is amazing just like Dave Mustaine. Don't tell Dave I said this, but Kirk is just a little better. Rock on guys! See you on 1/26/09, Chicago!

Love it all | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/08

I have loved Metallica forever. I loved kill em' all, I loved the black album, I loved St. Anger, and I love Death Magnetic. It is all amazing. It all goes deep and the poetry of their music gets me all the time. They really deserve to be one of those 4 gods of thrash metal. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax forever.