Megadeth founder | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/10

Why debate? Megadeth founder is Dave Mustaine, ex-metallica. He started this whole thing. He bitches and whines. Metallica kicked him out cause he was an abuser and shitty guitarist. Megadeth is good, i'll give them that, but ACDC is better, and they're a bunch of old pedos. If your in this page, its cause your a metallica fan. Looking for Metallica lyrics, so you ca sing along to the song.

Ignorants are everywhere | Reviewer: Fool | 8/23/10

Hi. I just will say that anyone who dares to compare any band, is an ignorant, in music is not about whos better, faster or anything, in sports it is, music is about have the vision n skill to put what you feel into your music, these both bands had accomplished that, even MEtallica whit the Load n Reload records, or with st. anger, most ppl didnt like it but if thats what they tryed to accomplish they did it. Megadeth is a great band that the only fact why all their albums sound likely is 'cause they keep loyal to the thrash genre, difference with Metallica that they had choose a difference direction. Now, whoever thinks one band is better than other one is an stupid ignorant that doesnt opend its mind to the heavey metal genre in general, doesnt matter if you are 45 years old or 12, im a Megafan, but i love MEtallica as well, but the only thing that i hate about MEtallica are their weepers fans. Real thrash followers dont comment on this stupid things, they like both bands.

Gabe's right | Reviewer: Daniel | 8/21/10

I'm with Gabe, don't shit on Metallica! Honestly I don't give a flying fuck weather it's Metallica, Megadeth, Avenged Sevenfold, or anyone! If you're gonna bitch about a song, don't do it on the page with the song! Being 13 I can relate to him, btw shit about justin bieber wherever u want! lmfao!

tired of this fights | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/10

my question is why fans of megadeth they get to see the lyrics of a metallica song while saying that metallica sucks, when it is not, and insult to metallica and their fans do not change the fact that metallica is better than megadeth so accept it and stop bothering

unbiased metalhead | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/10

sorry to continue the debate, but I wanted to add that i will have to side with Metallica here, based on the fact that they evolved as a band. By liistening to their music you can see their progression, whereas megadeath's songs pretty much sound all similar

Seriously | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/10

I'm sorry for further pushing this argument on megadeth vs metallica. I have to side with Metallica. Sure Megadeth is really good but Metallica had 5 good albums in a row that were AMAZING. Every song on the ...And Justice For All album is amazing. The other albums have atleast 9/10 songs that are really good. Megadeth has a few good songs scattered here and there though. Rust in Peace is the only album I liked and another few songs like Good mourning/black friday, peace cells, Holy Wars, and Last Rites. In All, Metallica has written alot of songs that are just really nice to listen to. It's thrash metal but is the only metal even my 45 year old dad actually like other than Maiden.

Brothers of the Metal | Reviewer: A 'real' Guitar Hero | 5/14/10

Okay quite frankly to even argue is stupid. I personally do not like megadeth. I'm not saying they're bad but I do not think they will ever achieve Metallica's fame. Further more as a decent guitarist and lover of the metal. I don' see why we should even argue the fact. We are brothers of Metal, and our job should be Rocking the world and showing everyone how much of pussys these little 'Pop Rock' fags are. Such as the damn 'Jonas Brothers', Grabbed a guitar/drums/bass/Mic and show the world that Metal rules and it can't be killed. And if you ain't down with that then you can just 'suck it'

just give up | Reviewer: gabe | 4/14/10

im only 14 and i know all the good metallica and this is most definitely a top 10,and stop bitching about metallica and megadeath because this is a review of a fucking metallica song go talk shit on a megadeath review.

you are all retarded | Reviewer: mike | 4/4/10

Both Metallica and Megadeth are amazing bands, comprised of great musicians. The fact of the matter is coming from myself being a pretty good guitarist, Dave is a much better guitarist than Kirk though, Kirk is still a good guitarist. I would have a hard time picking which one of these two bands I prefer. Megadeth, is instrumentally more talented and songs are much more complex than Metallica's. I'm not pulling this out of my ass either, I can play a wide range of songs from each band and the Megadeth songs are a lot more complex than the Metallica songs. They are both excellent bands, and this argument from you guitar hero playing faggots is utterly pathetic and disgusting since none of you know what you are talking about. If any of you played an instrument you would see that Megadeth is a lot more complex, and if you weren't arrogant pricks you would see both bands are excellent.

Calm down please, all of you... | Reviewer: Flavio Resto | 3/5/10

Guys, I haven't got much idea about Megadeth, but the only thing I know is that Metallica have created a very heavy name, like AC Milan for example. This song fully represents the weight of the band's name, so please respect it. Thank you for your attention.

Greatest Band EVER | Reviewer: C.J. | 2/14/10

I love everything Metallica does and I think you have no right to call yourself a fan if you can't appreciate anything made after "Justice". And Kirk Hammet is way better than Dave Mustane! "The Four Horsemen" beats "The Mechanix" any day!!!

whiners | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/10

this is one of the best of metallica.they've kicked ass from kill em all,till death magnetic and always will.and those pussies who praise megadeth plz go comment on some megadeth shit.leave the 'metal militia'.they don't give a fuck bout you whining who's better...METAL UP YOUR ASS....

WTF? | Reviewer: TAZIK | 12/23/09

OK now listen Metallica is amazing, we all know that, but Y r u going to keep going on about how Metallica betrayed thrash metal when if it wasn't for them most people in the world won't even know what the hell it is. also lets face it, Mustaine is good but he would've never done so well if it wasn't for the fact that he was in Metallica. and i know people gonna bitch but Hammet i think is one of the greatest guitarist ever, and Mustaine can't even come close to what he has done.

rave in my grave | Reviewer: ubermensch | 11/26/09

listen everyone if your bitching about metallica (not sayign u are) dotn even listen to their songs there are millions of people who love metallica and dont want to see your gay fucking bad comments about metalica so if u hate metallica go FUCKING DIE metallica will on for ever no matter what shit happends they always pull thru


this song truly reflects cliff burtons | Reviewer: Mike | 11/16/09

this song truly reflects cliff burtons input in the music that metallica has produced after cliff had died they moved away from thrash album after album until Death Magnetic

for you losers whom only concern is to compare megadeth with metallica give it a rest

metallica has changed direction from thrash to heavy metal (they said from the start they wouldnt restrict themselves in 1 genre )
On the other hand Megadeth have stayed true to thrash (and Dave Mustaine made metal music more intricate than before ,i mean just listens to megadeth newest album END GAME you will know what im talking about