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Performed by Metallica

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amazing | Reviewer: adam | 8/24/07

this my second faveourite metallica song after noyhing else matters, it just shows the genius of james hetfield and his writing, he is also a great singer and at concerts ya always notice that when they perform this song he always looks sad and depressed, because it is about his mom, and da guitar solo at da end is amazing, LONG LIVE METALLICA

Yeah | Reviewer: Andy | 8/20/07

'Emptiness is filling me
To the point of agony'

Here, i think it makes more sense if you change agony to irony. It'd be ironic as he's being filled with emptiness, you know?

So wrong | Reviewer: Biggest fan! | 8/17/07

Best song ever!
But now i gotta correct sum of you.
This song isnt about suicide or anything (as many believe and i understand why due to the lyrics)
Its about when james guitarr (amplifier?) got stolen, his mum had given it to him and if im not wrong his mother died shortly after R.I.P
And thats why he wrote this song!

Th new album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/07

This is the best song from metallic i ever heard...
The new album must be great when the album is as the new song...

Cliff ? | Reviewer: Mackan | 8/15/07

Cliff Burton writed this song,`i've heard it from some where, it's tragical(spell ?)
how he died in the buss acident(spell ?)
well rock on in heaven \m/

08/15/07 | Reviewer: TEX | 8/15/07

One of Metallica's best, have been listen to this song on and off for the past 12 or more years. Would love it played at my funeral. Hope Metallica returns to that sound again in the future.

2 good 2 B true | Reviewer: Jancha - Croatia | 8/6/07

I am more fan of Iron Maiden, but since I'm hangin out with all metallica fans, I've heard some of their songs and they rock! So, when I heard fade to black, I was speechless. I couldn't belive that metallica can play that kind of genre. That prooves that Metallica is a great group and they deserve all fame they have.

Evergreen metal | Reviewer: nushi | 7/30/07

When I lost myself, it always give way back. Start 17 years old been listening never been bored. Long live Metallica "Pure cure method for death souls". Your semi-chord song always the best.

incredible | Reviewer: connor | 7/25/07

this song shows the lyrical genius of james hetfield. i love it, im listening to it right now actually. sad but many great things in life are depressing, long live the gods of metal! \M/

The song for eternity | Reviewer: Gregor | 7/13/07

I've been there what Fade to black sings about.
When I listen it tears drop from my face,
my soul is hit by the struck of pain,again and again.
You helped me out,you brought me through
and for that I own you forever!
Metallica & Fade to black - with me for eternity

Fade to Black | Reviewer: !!yasin!! | 7/5/07

I'm gonna say this my favourite song.lyrics and melody is just a fan wanted to be.When I listen to this i really miss the old metallica.İ hope the new album gives us what we want from Metallca.

great song | Reviewer: vipul sharma | 7/3/07

this song truly defines why they are called the "gods of heavy metal".great work

where did the lyrics come from? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/07

A fan of metallica wrote his suicide message to metallica and wanted to metallica do a song with the lyrics based on his suicide note --> Metallica - Fade to Black

metalli rulez | Reviewer: metal | 6/24/07

a very good of their best,after my shows that metallica also can play more quiet ballads like nothing else matters and the unforgiven to.metallica is the best!

6/5/07 | Reviewer: adam | 6/8/07

this is the best song i can not stop listening 2 it its in my head my friends tell me 2 shut up cause all i do is hum it all day

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