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Performed by Metallica

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Wow james and kirk wast here | Reviewer: ...And Justice for all | 6/9/13

Wow james and kirk u are the guys who made me go carzy on thrash songs keep on rocking by the way ur justice album is just fucking awasome great hats off to...AND JUSTICE FOR ALBUM

METALLICA ROCKS | Reviewer: Mark Anthony Reyes | 3/27/10

This song is so fucking sick,man. I have this song on my playstation 3 plus 60 other songs like the unforgiven 1 , the unforgiven 2 , the unforgiven 3 , the struggle withi , holier than thou , master of puppets , the thing that should not be , welcome { sanitarium } , disposable heroes , the day that never comes , broken , beat , scarred , all nightmare long , the god that failed , don't tread on me , fuel , battery , and otehr cool songs by metallica .

Fucking sick song. | Reviewer: TrueTallicaFan | 1/19/09

Okay, stop pretending to be the 'Tallica boys, If you were really the amazing Kirk Hammett. I'm Sure you'd know proper grammer. " warms my heart to see all this people "

I'm Sure a bight man Like Kirk would know
It should be " Warms my hear to see all these people ". Nice try though. And I'm sure the 'Tallica boys don't even know about this site. But its good to see that you love them enough to pretend to be them.

Once again Kick fucking ass song

kind of simple | Reviewer: Almada | 12/24/08

Man, Metallica people just turn everything to music, and good music, for the devil is theme of millions of stuff, and even so, this song is one of the stuff bout him that really get the burning feel of it.Damn good!

Damn amazing live song! | Reviewer: Robert Trujillo | 10/28/08

Hello Ladies and Gents...James and Kirk were talking to me and they told me about this lyrics page and the accuracy of their lyrics. Let me tell you that this song is amazing to play live, James ravages those lyrics and Kirk, well Kirk can fuck any of you up with his guitar effects. Peace, hopefully you all bought tickets to see us during our North American tour!

Your friendliest "tarantula",

Roberto Trujillo

this song ... rocks | Reviewer: stanislav | 8/21/08

hey .. how are you .... it's realy good to see james and kirk here ... a lot ... so ... the song is awsome .. it's my favorite ... almost favorite ... and i like every metallica song and i know a lot of song's lyrics ... and the new demo 2008 the songs are realy good ... (rock) and metallica in bulgaria ... wow ... they were great ... !!

Awesome Song! | Reviewer: MetallicThor | 10/12/07

Cool to see James and Kirk here :D
I just bought Reload and think it's pretty awesome!! Though The Unforgiven I was much better, idk why but they are both good. ROCK ON METALLICA

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Dark~Side | 9/10/07

Awesome and very catchy
the first song i herd from the album and got me hooked to the whole album ...
they say Metallica got worse but i dont think so they just changed the style of music

and ... is that Lars And Kirk down there ? xD

10/10 | Reviewer: Dark~Side | 9/10/07

this song is the first i herd from the album like all other metallica song i got hooked =D

Is that Lars Down there?? xD

thanks to all | Reviewer: kirk hammett | 9/5/07

hello everyone,how you doing?
i saw that james has been here so i came here me to
i agree with james.thank you very much warms my heart to see all this people who cares about or songs and lyrics.good luck to everybody
kirk hammett

Thank you for careing for the song | Reviewer: James Hetfield | 5/25/07

James here , i was just surfing the net and came across these lyrics and WOW , i like how alot of people take pride in knowing the lyrics , it feels good friends .
keep rocking
James Hetfield

Devil's Dance | Reviewer: Alex! | 11/18/04

An excellent song. The S+M version was also successful. It's a great crowd-pleaser with a guitar part that practically screams out for air-guiair. Lars Ulrich's drum part ain't too shabby either.

Awesome song.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/04

Yeah man this song rocks.. great guitar flicks from hammett and growly lyrics from james. damn cool. not a fast song from metallica but a classic example of keeping it simple. 9/10

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