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Performed by Metallica

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Back To The Original Metallica | Reviewer: WOODY | 1/1/13

METALLICA IS BACK! A brilliant album. Personally, I feel that it sounds a lot like their past album "Ride The Lightning". This is what all metal music should sound like. If you don't have this album...get it!


Revamped Reenergized and Respawned | Reviewer: G-Dog | 5/21/09

When i first heard My Apocalypse way back when, i thought "this aint metallica" but when i bought the album i fell in love with it. from the opening heart beat the the last chord hit its a great album that i will listen to until my iPod dies. and it is my sollem vow to learn every song on this album, and perform it. In the words of Jaymez "Metallica is back, and Kickin ASS!"

The Reborn Of Metallica | Reviewer: khaled | 5/15/09

this album remindes us of old metallica stuff like kill'em all and ride the lightning , i think metallica got back on track with this album after years of making music like shit but i think we are seeing metallica's reborn now ,songs like my apocalypse and all nightmare lone really blows your mind away

All Nightmare Long | Reviewer: MILLION | 1/10/09

Is the fastest and hardest song since Harvester of Sarrow.
Overall review, I am an old school fan. I have been to all but kill em all concerts. I went to Metallica's Death Magnetic concert Oct,26,2008 in Des Moine, Iowa. It was the most awesome concert ever.

Metallica Is Back... | Reviewer: bangpay | 11/12/08

Great News! This great album reminds me of early metallica's album. And I Like The Unforgiven III for the most, even it was lil' bit weird with the piano section... but still, great song!

--metallica's fans from indonesia--

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