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Performed by Metallica

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Damage ......Metallica's heaviest song | Reviewer: Gino | 10/11/11

What can
I say about Metallica....,Metallica has come of age since the Black Album, it's the first album where the definately went for popularity, "Main Stream" though the last three albums aren't that bad, Metallica's Rage to me ended with...Dyer's Eve kind of symbolic ain't it, like a roman centurion Fataly wounded falling from it's horse.

Metallica sure made great music after that, but I guess to me it was too mainstream to me, like they were in a way afraid to keep battling for it all, like they felt they had achieved it all anyway.

Master of Puppets, is their greatest achievement with Damage Inc ofcurse the tip of the Iceberg.

Freaking epic | Reviewer: Chelsayuh | 9/3/11

This song rocks!! And you stupid people that say Load, ReLoad, St. Anger, and Death Magnetic sucks,you are just crazy. Okay they are all awesome. Just some songs are bad. Like I hate the unforgiven 3 but On that same album I love the say that never comes. So everyone has their own opinion, but Metallica is just beast!

Effing incredible. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/11

Every single one of Metallica's albums has a different theme. If all you retards havent figured this out, St. Anger album talks about Drugs and Alcohol. James wrote the music during his rehab of alcohol. Damn, if you really listen to the St. Anger album, U will see its an incredible, mastepieceful ablum. Some Kind of monster has to be my favorite metallica song, by far.

epic. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/11

THIS SONG IS FREAKING... i don't know a correct word to describe this song. It's just HEAVY METAL!! The verse riff makes you want to create some real DAMAGE.
PS: F*ck Metallica haters! All of their albums rock! FROM KILL 'EM ALL, TO DEATH MAGNETIC!

EPIC! | Reviewer: Tomellica | 5/11/11

i love this song.. i bought the album the day it came out and i havnt stoped listening to it since. I saw tellica like last year and they play this too, it just made me like it soo much more! I would rate this song like 1000000000000000000000000000000000000/10
Good work guys and keep it up.
p.s stop flaming about st.anger.

What the hell do you want? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/11

I have a personal input here. I completely agree with a few of you. People ask, Metallica delivers. Then it's bitch and moan about that very thing they wished for. Those of you who do, here is the question you should answer: "What the hell do you want from them?" Some of you say change; they change and you bitch. Some say stay the same; they stay the same and you bitch. Let them have fun. Go with the flow. But hey, that's why there's opinions. I love it when bands change it up. Experimenting means Metallica or other bands don't care what others think and are EXTREMELY open minded. Unlike 70% of people. Accept it and move on. Remember, good music is good music; no matter what kind of music it is.

St. Anger was a stab in the back | Reviewer: Baz | 2/7/11

I even liked Load and Reload.
I can understand, accept, and even empathize with artists when they change. No, it didn't sound like Metallica, but it wasn't bad "music" overall.

HOWEVER...EVEN WITH THAT MINDSET, St. Anger was still a terrible effort for me.

Someone said, those albums would have been acceptable if they were done by another band. That's how I tried to approach Metallica's change, but still had to set St. Anger apart as it sounded worse than an amateur band attepmting to play music that was somewhat popular around then. Considering what Metallica's capable of, almost felt like the Tallica boys intentionally screwed their fans over.

about Metallica | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/10

ok, listen, Metallica was a great band. Master of Puppets is one of the most complete heavy metal albums of all time, like Paranoid, Reign in Blood, The Number of the Beast or Rust in Peace. But, come on, after Cliff's death Metallica began sucking. Their fourth album did not have a bass at all and all their next albums have been worsening thereafter. I LOVE their first two albums, I can easily listen to Justice and I can accept listening to Black Album. But, hell, Load, ReLoad, St. Anger and, to a lesser extent, Death Magnetic SUCK. That is all. In my opinion, Metallica gave up on thrash to achieve popularity. The first album was to a great extent written by Dave Mustaine. Cliff Burton made a great contribution to RtL and MoP. Without these two putting thrash into Metallica, the band abandoned thrash metal.

trolololo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/10

Also, I love songs by Metallica with this sort of a solo. Master of Puppets had James scream out "FIX ME!" Before Hammett's blinding solo, this song hears him shout "GO!" Before an amazingly fast, brilliantly set solo, Whiplash had James scream "WHIPLASH!" Before and during the solo, and there's a few others I think but that's all I know from my memory.

Love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/10

I'm agreeing with all the people saying that Load, ReLoad, and St. Anger weren't terrible. They weren't. It's just that, in quality with different Metallica albums, their first four major records, and The Black Album to a certain extent, these albums didn't sound and feel like Metallica.
They still had good songs, but, on their first 5 albums, I can listen to EVERY song on the album and like it. Same can be said for Death Magnetic. I don't care if it's a new album, people want something from Metallica and Metallica delivers, then they bitch about Metallica for giving them what they want.
Also, this song is fucking awesome!

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