god damn good song! | Reviewer: elvis mendoza | 5/5/13

this an amazing and great song...this proves metallica is not only a rock band...on the contrary, a band whose members are full of talent.if dont u dont think so i invite u to listen up this awesome song and u will begin to really aprecciate the message it has and will think too that the arrival of our LORD JESUS WILL COME SOON! BY THE WAY I M A FAN FROM PANAMA...THANKS A LOT!

Really WATCH THE TEN COMMANDMENTS!!!!!! | Reviewer: slarocque6@cogeco.ca | 4/8/13

NO god did not kill the first born ...The Pharaoh did with his own words.
Boy you guys should watch TEN COMMANDMENTS!!!!!! At the begins of the movie they killed ALL FIRST BORN HEBREWS IN FEAR OF THE CHOSEN ONE (Mosses)SO WHEN he tries to free them after the 9 times he says to the Pharaoh That it would be his words that does the last one.

I suppose some of here think Master Of Puppet's is about doing drugs all the time and being cool about it???? Well think if your addicted to then what are you ????? A PUPPET SLAVE TO YOU DEALER in reference he is your MASTER.

Shut. Up. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/13

I cannot believe the stupidity of these comments.
Though some support my argument, this is coming from me legit:
I am Jewish. I know some shit about the Torah.
The song is based off the story of Passover where after 400 years of slavery, God sends a prophet (Moses) to free his people. After sending 9 plagues each time the Egyptian ruler refues to let the Jews go, God loses his shit and kills all the firstborn Egyptians.

real meaning of the song | Reviewer: bizzjoe | 12/15/12

cliff burton came up with the name of the song after he was doing his grocery shopping .. then a vision flashed in his mind that there was going to be a big plague that was going to wipe out the worlds banana population, so he decided to buy as many bananas as he could that day, than he went home & ate all the bananas, not sharing with anyone.. of course he felt sick after all these bananas, & he was rushed to hospital.. on arriving at the hospital, he roared at the top of his voice.. "OH MY GOD, I FEEL LIKE CREEPING DEATH".... he never ate bananas again..

faith matters not | Reviewer: HDOGG | 11/22/12

The song is the story from Exodus no doubt. That said, one does not need to be a member of a religion to write a song, or enjoy one that is based on religious material. By understanding the source material one might have a larger appreciation for the music, but its not a pre-requisite. I think it just demonstrates how versatile and diverse their music is; contrary to the devil worshipping heavy metal stereotype. Thats one of the things I've always loved about Metallica, even as I age and gain more wisdom the depth of their music continues to surprise me, and I enjoy it further still.

Metallica's spirituality and body politic | Reviewer: Lux | 7/27/12

Just because someone uses Christian manuscript doesn't mean their Christian!n! James Hetfield parents were Christian Scientists, though.

Creeping Death is most likely an homage to the death angel, Azrael? Whom Satanists and Occultist are found of for some reason. So this song author has no problem barrowing from Judeo Christian scriptures to formulate a rhyming scheme, make some cash, etc.

Maybe DAVE MUSTAINE'S proto Christianity is perhaps influencing with this track?

nice song! great lyrics! | Reviewer: ... | 6/8/12

i've been reading bible since i was a little boy and i know all the stories. i have been listening to Metallica and just now i realized its about the hebrews it egypt! and, the song is just awesome!

Metallica | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/11

My personal top 10 Metallica songs
10.The Unforgiven 9.The Shortest Straw 8.One 7...And Justice For All 6.Master of Puppets 5.The Four Horsemen 4.Fade to Black 3.Creeping Death 2.Sanitarium 1.Ride the Lightning

not becuase there christian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/11

they might be christian but they didnt make this because they're christian they wrote these song about the movie the ten commandments when they were watching it and cliff got the idea for the name from the same movie that its based on

@stupidity | Reviewer: Gman | 7/28/11

Are you f**king retarded? After 400 years of slavery, in which time a mass genocide also occured, God decreed that the jews should be let free. Pharoah said no, so he was warned that a plague would come if he didnt let the jews go, but he didnt and the plague happened. THIS HAPPENED TEN TIMES!! Until God said that the worst plague is coming, the death of every first-born. Pharoah still wouldnt let the jews go, so God punished Egypt for four fucking hundred years of slavery and terrible cruelty to the Jews and killed the first borns. You claim that Islam is a poisonous seed of the Jewish root, but Islam is completely anti-jewish, has nothing to do with Judaism, and Mohammed was not a jew. Get your fucking facts straight before you comment bullshit that you know nothing about

In case you didn't know | Reviewer: Roberto | 6/15/11

Metallica is heavily Christian, they took it out of the Bible (if you listen to the lyrics, you will see that it's about Moses and his people being slaves)
So yeah, they're Christian, they play thrash metal and they welcome their Metallica family with open arms!

Wiki is your friend This song rocks!!! | Reviewer: slarocque6@cogeco.ca | 4/24/11

The band was inspired for the song by the second half of the film The Ten Commandments, which is based upon the Bible tale of the plagues which were bestowed upon the Egyptians. While watching a scene in which one of the plagues kills every Egyptian first-born child, bassist Cliff Burton remarked "Whoa - it's like creeping death." The band liked the sound of "creeping death" and decided to write a song about the plagues, with the phrase as its title.[2]

Taken from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creeping_Death In relation to the 56 classic movie en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ten_Commandments_%281956_film%29

So ya it is from the BIBLE get use to it not all people want to hear about them being into SATAN worshipers.........

Stupidity | Reviewer: Siubigi | 3/23/11

The Song is awesom. If i had the difficult task to make Top20 Metallica this song will be in. I do not see freedom. I see only hate, suffering and that jewish think that they are chosen. To kill the first born man... And they thpught taht this is smth normal. Just an animals like their god. I see only killing and brutality in the name of smth called yehovah. Judaism, Islam, Christianity - poison seeds from jewish root!

Great Song, Great Subject! | Reviewer: Ido | 1/27/11

This song's really awsome. This story taken from the Bible, the 2nd book: Exodus. It tells about the story of Exodus from Egypt, and how the God ("Hashem") killed the firstborn of the egypt civilians because Pharaoh did'nt agree to release us from the slavery. I am a jew, so don't argue about it. Sorry for my bad English.

Justice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/10

This song is not about freedom. Its about justice. 100s of years of slavery caused God's anger.
This is a song about what can happend to those who thinks that truth, love, beauty, innocence is worth shit.