carpe diem baby | Reviewer: John | 10/20/12

Common, seize the day motto is just a first layer.

"Then make me miss you, It don't feel good until it hurts, Come squeeze and suck the day, Come carpe diem baby, Yeah suck it!!!"

The song is titled carpe diem *baby*, he is talking to her, inviting. It's obviosuly highly sexual and confrontational.

Great song | Reviewer: MR.Weird | 1/23/09

Great song one of my first metallica songs that i heard.I listened this song like 1000 times and found a little joke. You can tread the name as a anagram and then you get (Carpe diem baby)=(Cream pied baby) lol. ^^

Great | Reviewer: Michael | 1/14/09

I've never listened to this song but I've always lived by a 'carpe diem' motto since I saw Dead Poet's Society in my freshman year of high school. This song is the epitome of that sentiment, showing just what Hetfield and Ulrich believed Carpe Diem to mean. Carpe diem means "sieze the day" in Latin, for those who didn't know, and in DPS it describes that as "sucking the marrow out of life" which explains the line "suck the day."