KiCk AsS | Reviewer: Lisa | 2/10/07

Metallica is tha shit...i love metallica
James Hetfeild is awesome at singing the lyrics
Metallica deserves a metal for being so awesome and having their band and being so popular for so long!!!!!

Very nice... | Reviewer: Danilo | 9/5/06

...And Justice For All is my favorite album from Metallica and I like every song... This song, Blackened, is a very good introduce to the album... Nice music, nice text... Really great...

Fantastic Track | Reviewer: Raging Gomez | 8/24/06

I adore this song - Its one of those songs that you can hear
over and over again without getting tired of it.

Simply an awesome piece of music.

Blackened is AWESOME | Reviewer: WJJ | 12/29/04

Blackened is possibly, no definitely, the best song in the world.
Anyone who agrees can email me!
Lars rules!