fuckin great | Reviewer: roberto | 8/20/08

METALLICA!!!!!! what a great song....and what a great band all of their albums were great, some more than other but still great. if you say load and reload are crap YOU ARE FUCKING WRONG without those albums we wouldnt have fuel, the memory remains, aint my bitch, king nothing, etc.
and st. anger is good if you hear sweet amber (great song) st anger , frantic, skm, they have a lot of power and they really make you feel good because a good piece of metallica is the best cure for any problem.

Fuckin gr8 | Reviewer: Vince | 8/2/08

I love the whole song...each and every fuckin part of it..
and i specially love when james says
"Millions of our years
In minutes disappears"
This is so fucking tru..some1 once said...u can play hard,u can have sell out crowds,u can be the best....but u can never be METALLICA...
Metal for life..

kicks ass | Reviewer: lalala | 7/25/08

this song is great. I mean just take a look at the lyrics. It's not so common that a band writes stuff like this, telling how we destroy the planet. i think James is one of the ebst song writers, and i loove his voice. The scratchy sound of it suits perfect to sing thrash metal (and metallica doest not fit into just'metal' as someone said above. it's THRASH METAL).

Metallica rules!!

i can't wait for their next album to come out. i hope it's better thant st anger. but if it's not, ok, it's still metallica

This song is everything | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/08

I love this song to death. I usually like the "softer" Metallica a little bit like Bleeding Me but this song is probably my favorite. So angry, so true, great riff AWESOME angry vocals. I specially like the SEE OUR MOTHER DIEEEEE part.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/08

This is song is amazing so awesome to listen to and to play on rockband, and by the way Lars is a fuckin amazing drummer, and no he did not force the band to break up since they are releasing a new single soon if I'm not mistaken so get your facts straight bitch.

The most amazing band to exist | Reviewer: jeff | 2/10/08

One of the best fucking solos ive ever hard in my life!!!! The meanings in the lyrics, the way the drummer and guitarists work together, its one of the most amazing feelings just listening to this song. Kinda weird, but you should see some of my tatoos from this band, they were my favorite in my youth, and although St. Anger might not be NEARLY as good as Master of Puppets and ...And Justice For All its still metallica, so its pretty fucked up to insult St. Anger, and its ESPECIALLY wrong to insult Lars... However was idiotic enough to say there obsessed with the band but Lars sucks, I dont know if your just arrogant... BUT Lars didnt split up Metallica, That was a small little stupid thing that is no where near truthful

Anyways this is an Amazing song, the best off of the ...And Justice For All album in my opinion

note on my last review | Reviewer: mullet boi | 12/16/07

forgot to mention on my last thing....

Those genres are split up from rock and metal, and most of them can be furthur split up into things like Gothic Metal, Techno Metal, and really anything else u can think of.

P.S.- If you are a slayer fan, check out my review for Silent Scream on this site and, please, leave 1 of yours.

Amazing | Reviewer: Cameron | 12/15/07

This song is pure genious, the most I love about the lyrics is that they are SO true. We need to do something before hypocrosy fucks our world over.
The Music is also amazing. Lars is amazing at drumming.. The Double Bass on this track is unreal. METALLICA RULLES!!

no way is it death metal | Reviewer: mullet boi | 12/11/07

To Jade: MetallicA is, in no way whatsoever, a death metal band. this is the universal scale for rock-originating music.

Rock n' roll- Rock- Heavy Rock- Hard Rock- Thrash Rock- Metal- Heavy metal- Thrash metal- Death Metal- Black Metal.

Metallica fits into the 'metal' slot. slayer is heavy metal, led zeppelin is hard rock. just to name some examples.

!!!! | Reviewer: Fenyx | 9/21/07

I'd have to say I've got all u guys beat on how much i love this song. I've actually named my personal band The Blackened. So boo-ya score one for me. oh, and to DISagree with WJJ, Lars sux. He might be a good drummer but he is a jerk and basically forced Metallica to split up so ya. And this song is simply put one of their best. I've put it on my MP3 player 10 times just to increase the probability of hearing it everytime its turned on... a little psycho i know but this song ROXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love it | Reviewer: joe | 9/5/07

gotta love "tallica=)
blackened is one of their best
fucking freaking riff and solo and lyrics...;)
metallica 4ever!

------ About the song Blackened performed by Metallica | Reviewer: }{Metalmaster}{ | 8/19/07

Fucking Awesome number, I've seen the guys live at the 20 anniversary of Master of Puppets in Arnhem (Holland)! It was GREAT!

i luv metallica | Reviewer: martin dicaire | 7/21/07


this song nis soooo freakin good but my personal fave is...one(simphony) well i like pretty much all songs

go krik hammet and larz and james and robert or i think its his name...ne ways no band better than metallica if u agree email me plz

Death metal fan | Reviewer: Jade | 5/5/07

Mettallica is fucking awsome and this song just provies it!! if your death metal love u can email me. rock on

Wonderful... | Reviewer: Johan | 4/5/07

...No words to descripe this song, or any other of Metallicas songs.