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Performed by Metallica

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Hate Mails ? | Reviewer: the answer | 4/9/09

Metallica is a living legend... and hate mails... are just somethin.. to laugh about... only laughter laughter laughter i' ve for that... just peoples who can't accept that there's somethin awesome.. Who remembers the mails of those guys ? They will DIE and no one cares about. If they want.. i spit on their grave. But that's the only regard they can get. Instead of Metallica. They will never die.

dumbass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/09

Seriously man metallica is one of the best bands ever and u guys talking shit come on man
And fuck all those fags who play guitar hero and then say your real fans when you've only heard like 1 song seriously just stop you fucken stupid people
And metallica rules
Battery one of the best songs ever and old metallica rules new metallica is alright but they can't beat old metallica

Why? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/09

You see, older stuff of Metallica is a lot better than the new stuff. St. Anger DID suck, but they made up with Death Magnetic. I grew up listening to Metallica, being that Battery is now one of my favorite songs. They also did good with Creeping Death, One, The Unforgiven, and others. It's just horrible to see that a bunch of children are posting hatemail on them. I'm only 14 but I know a lot about them and I've been a fan of them for a while.

So you know what people? Fuck you if you hate Metallica.

Metallica | Reviewer: Marty | 3/14/09

i freaking love Megadeth more then Metallica, im what 18, and regardless Metallica is the freaking best until my cousin introduced me Megadeth but im telling all those who don't like it or think they suck is a ignorant to the fullest extent ever

So good | Reviewer: Aidler | 3/9/09

Look, i don't know what all the hating is all about, if you hate their other songs, go to the page that thy are on and whinge there, cuz this is one of the best songs Metallica has ever made, along woth puppets, one and bleeding me. Rock on all.

This | Reviewer: nate | 2/27/09

The people who hate metallica weren't even born when this was happening - they have only just played guitar hero and decided to listen to some of the new stuff without a clue what it was before the sperm they came from even existed

heard it all before | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/09

Metallica were the greatest band on the planet bar none....late eighties early nineties, live shows were awesome. saw them with anthrax, danzig, megadeth and more. now they are 3 and a half sqwillionairs who got arty and you morons still buy this bob rock shit. Hope you all go to heaven.....

...And Justice for 'Tallica | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/09

c'mon guys...let's keep metallica alive!! they are the best band worldwide and they deserve ALL OF OUR RESPECT...maybe st. anger was really bad...but the ambience on the band was just the same... and it doesn't even matter, cuz Death Magnetic is awesome!!!!

Some people don't understand it... | Reviewer: Ivan (Croatia) | 2/6/09

some people don't understand that Metallica started big thing with publishing Kill em All...has anyone of you red metallica's biography?..if you're not,you should..they've been trough all kinds of shit in their history (like:cliff's death,low on cash,struggles in band)and somehow they made have to respect that man,they are still kicking ass all over the world..listen to those riffs,drums,cliff's amazing bass on first albums,to those amazing screaming vocals..that's what is good...they come to make you happy and then you go insulting them?..go there and give your best to them,they certainly need it.

My bow to all the people that understand.Keep living Metallica.

Tallica rule!!!!! | Reviewer: the gaz | 1/22/09

I really cannot understand how anyone can post hatemail on metallica it's just wrong! But just enjoy music coz without it were would we be. peace folks and rock on! Battery is an awesome song tho. laters!

Please, STFU | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/09

Look, I personally find Metallica to be an awesome band but I think everyone should shut the hell up about that whole "I hate Metallica" subject, especially those freaks who just want attention by saying shit like "Metallica sucks". They just say that stuff because they want to be popular (More so, what are you doing looking at a 'Battery' lyrics sheet if you hate Metallica anyway? Stop wasting your time doing so and go listen to your fucking Rush) and because they hear everyone talking about them all the time and it bugs the living crap out of them Which brings me to the other side of the debate. SHUT UP ABOUT METALLICA. Really, stop soiling their good name by making them such a fad. That's what makes fuckers like that write those shitty reviews. That eleven year old kid who wrote "to all metallica haters (BARRACUDA),^^" First of all, get a life. Stop trying to look cool on the internet. Secondly, it sickens me how many children 12 and under I see talking about them all day. It's great that you like them but again, stop ruining their name by talking about them. BTW, I love 'Battery.' Thanks for the lyrics. They come in handy when your band is trying to cover it.

P.S. To everyone: Please, stop misspelling Metallica. it's M-E-T-A-L-L-I-C-A. Two L's! Thank you for your time.

common! | Reviewer: adam | 12/27/08

common, you cant say metallica sucks, the lyrics are really awesome, and the songs just kick ass, yeh you get some bad songs here and there e.g, st anger, which i actually like too. im a big fan of metallica, and other metal bands like a7x. but metallica kicks ass!

Metallica's old stuff was good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/08

Metallica's old stuff was good, but pretty well everything they've put out after the black album has been shit. By the way, Metallica was far from the first heavy metal band, and even farther from the best. In my personal opinion, Black Sabbath was probably the original pioneer band for metal, and right now, my personal favourites for the metal genre in general are both Gojira and Meshuggah. You should look into them.

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/08

"They really are... you need to get that into your heads, pathetic people... all fans of metallica, you're horribly misled. that's all i have to say on the subject.
Metallica are shit!"

ok i respect other peoples opinions, but not when they are so childish as to go to a lyrics site of the band in question, and then publish hatefull things, i hate pop music, im not about to go to any pop singers lyric page n start mouthing them off, grow up kid, and fuck off.

P.S Battery = fucking amazing, specially live.

Metallica Kick Ass | Reviewer: Ben | 12/5/08

Lets get this 100% clear, metallica are the birth of modern metal. Thrash metal, heavy metal, prog metal, whatever, Metallica started it, and are still the best at it. None of this bullshit like 30 Seconds to Mars, Dillinger escape plan, 36 crazyfists, bullet for my valentine, its all horseshit compared to the heavy shit metallica pump out, and they do it the best. So everyone stop buying all the crap, all these pussy ass rock bands, and start buying metallica.


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