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Performed by Metallica

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so badass | Reviewer: metalium | 11/10/07

this just fucking rules!!!
from the album master of puppets!opens with a custic and tranforms itself into a trash bomb!
gotta love battery
kill em all,ride the lightning,master of puppets and,...and justice for are the greatest trash albums ever!

good | Reviewer: joey | 9/27/07

This song is amazing. it is at the top of my metallica list and for that matter one of my most favored but coming from me i hate all metallica after the album load they lost a great drummer, their hair, and their own style of music. if they were to truely revisit the golden era of their music metallica would be an american home name once again.

awesome | Reviewer: kinney | 9/4/07

battery is a great song, the beat, the guitar, the drums, all of it just seems to blend together for awesomeness. however i think that the S&M version is MUCH better

Power Thrash Metal Mastery | Reviewer: James | 7/26/07

What a masterpiece of rhythm, intensity and melody! The stakato(sic) sweeps, blues based chorus and bridge and thrashy main riff make this an all time load blowing razor wire example of modern western music!!!!!! BATTERYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

wow, battery! | Reviewer: power baker | 7/23/07

this song makes me feel so good with myself, and it is the feeling I have today. I thank Johanna, my pretty Angel for making me feel alive again.


It's up there | Reviewer: Jake Hughes | 7/15/07

In my opinion battery is up there with the best songs such as Master of Puppets and Enter Sandman. The guitaring in this is amazing due to the tempo which they play at.

MOP | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightening are the two BEST albums Metallica wrote. These classic albums should be sent into space so that other life forms can know what metal such as battery can do for them.

Battery not the best | Reviewer: adam | 6/28/07

I do agree that Battery is one of the best songs that Mettalica has written, but i do not think it is the best. I do not see how any TRUE Metallica fan can single out just one of there songs and call it the best. All Metallica's songs are sweet. METALLICA FOREVER!!!!!!!

Masterpiece | Reviewer: harvester | 6/18/07

The intensity, the brute force, the energy, this song is truly amazing and will always remain as one of metallica's greatest.

one of greatest | Reviewer: Baker831 | 6/8/07

This is a good song. I have to do some photoshop shit based on a song and this song is it. Metal Militia was and Whiplash were my runners up.

More than great | Reviewer: Braulio | 5/26/07

Is one of the best with
Sanitarium , Nothing else matter , Master of puppets and The frayed ends of sanity.

Battery (thumbs up) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/07

battery is one of the best song metallica have done i still think there is better from metallica but battery will defintly be at the top coming in at about 3rd

Battirie is awsome | Reviewer: Ethel | 5/10/07

I am just 7 years old and I know why my dad likes Metallica.It is so awesome.I've listened to batterie like 300 times on winamp.

One of thier Best | Reviewer: SadJam | 3/22/07

This song is, like all songs on the MoP album, amazing. The lyrics make sense and fit in with the music and even with the album. The drumming on this is AMAZING and INTENSE. The lead bass in the bridge of this song showcases the prowess of the band's late bassist, Cliff Burton. The Lead in this song is also rlly rlly hot as hell. So ya, if i had to rate it, i'd give it 9.8/10, the 9.8 being there cuz i like Master of Puppets more.

Crazy song. | Reviewer: Michael | 3/3/07

To rhyme like that is to put yourself among the Gods of rhyming. I believe that James Hetfield or Kirk Hammet or whoever writes the lyrics for Metallica deserves a place among the poetical Gods. The music to fit the lyrics is also amazing, driving, intense and relentless. A master-piece of musicianship and poetic-writing combines to make this one of the best Metallica songs ever.

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