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Performed by Metallica

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Special | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/10

Sometimes when I listen to Metallica I wonder how it was possible that four guys came together and play a song this good. The lyrics, the singing itself, the drums, both guitars, and the bass (although you don't hear it well on the album are just put together perfectly. That is pretty well the case through the entire "...And Justice For All" album and others by Metallica (pre 96', Death Magnetic is also a great album though). Bottom line is, this song is fantastic and if you like it you should try listening to some good live versions, they add tons of energy and pumps you up!

JUSTICE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/10

The Hammer Of Justice shall crush all those who hate. You will be held accountable for your crimes and may the judge sentence you to death for there is no lesser penalty for such crimes. And to all those who are hiding, we will be waiting for you. We will wait by your little holes where you hide and we will pounce on you like lions.

Holy shit people. | Reviewer: Matt | 7/13/10

4) All of you militant asshats should take your own fucking shitty advice. If you're going to throw a big fit about someone else's opinion, maybe you A) shouldn't post your own, hypocrite, and B) Should avoid reading those of others?

Or, you could just accept that some people dislike it and have their reasons, and could just provide your counter opinion without resorting to this moronic, childish, quip?

Metallica are big boys, and their career stands for itself, they don't need you to go around treating their music like it's a religious institution.

metallica rocks!!! | Reviewer: john | 7/1/10

i'm 11 years old and i listen to metallica since i was 9. i love metallica and this is one of their best songs and albums. i can't live without their music. i listen to metallica and i'll do it for life.

The Best in My Opinion | Reviewer: Metallica Rocks!!!!!! | 5/26/10

Metallica is the best no matter what people say. One,And Justice for All,Ride the Lightning,all of those songs. just stop hatin if you dont like the music.ther are lots of other bands out there you can listen to

WOW.. so much hate.. ? | Reviewer: barb | 4/15/10

All the comments posted about Metallica are just opinions.At the end of the day..The Musicians that make up Metallica.. past ( Cliff. Dave Mustaine, Jason) and the current are just that.. Musicians. The exceptionally talented musicians, that come together so perfectly and create a sound so awesome, that they appeal to so many people.. and it is that, that made them famous. Dont forget that people. They dont owe us ( fans) anything. They should not be critised.. just listen to the talent, the skill and bang your head! so all you numb skulls out there that think Metallica owe you something.. or you dont like the latest albums as much as the older ones.. dont fucking listen to them.. its just that easy. talk about making a big deal over nothing. .thank your stars we got so many brilliant musicians come together to create what they did in the first place.

dojobug is a man humper | Reviewer: hammad | 4/15/10 can you be so retarded?how can you compare death magnetic with britney spears when you haven't even listened to it?either you have a crush on britney spears or perhaps you like to vomit out you superficial-good-for-nothing-information too much.ok lets say they got a little off track during the 90s and to some tiny little bit of extent they sucked.also some songs from st anger were fucked up but death magnetic!??it is the truest metallica album after and justice for all.just like the best metallica albums the beginning is with a fast and heavy track.the fourth track is a ballad,towards the end there is an instrumental and the final track is fast just like dyers eve and damage inc.and the best of all its all thrash for the napster thing:would you like it if you're doing what you love to do just to find out that someone is stealing it for their benefit.stay real:every human being needs money to stay alive and i don t think these guys over here are think before shitting out your senseless-unwanted-fake-stinking-good for nothing-crap about the metal militia!NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY THEY LL NEVER QUIT THEY LL NEVER STOP CUZ THEY RE METALLICA!

Greatest Underrated Album | Reviewer: Kate | 3/23/10

Metallica was music I grew up listening to. In my opinion the And Justice for All album has be so underrated with people but I have always appreciated the brilliance of the whole album with its 9 minute songs. Of course everyone has their own opinions but I will always be fond of the old stuff just like with AC/DC and Bon Scott...instead of worrying about if they suck now or not just enjoy the music.

Mainly to me right now, looking at the way my country the United States of America is trying to do its citizens and OBAMACARE is making me want to get tore up and blast some Metallica!!! DONT TREAD ON ME!!!!

... | Reviewer: Drumer | 3/17/10

First ...And Justice For All are the best song for ever and ever of Metallica, and second sorry but Metallic are the best group when they begin AND when they gonna finish and i don't believe this momment all of is music are the best they are the group whom make most popular hit and that's gonna continue so shut up if you don't like Metallica if you like Metallica you're supposed to like it and don't talk about they're not good

Best band | Reviewer: corholioo | 3/11/10

They are still the best rock band ever.
Singing for almost 30 years, so all the cocksuckers must keep quiet.And justice for all was one of the best, including One,which was a super mega giga rock hit. It changes generations of rock fans.I still listen it with great pleasure even today. So for all the cocksuckers outthere:fuck'em all

So much hate on Metallica | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/10

Well they dont care and we dont care if you think Metallica is shit now, cus I and many more love all the albums, hell yeah I even think St. Anger is good if you take your time and listen. I hate Metallica-fans like you; Always whining about being bad... Well ofc they have ups and downs, and they havent excactly had it easy with James drinking problem. And about the Napster thing, OMFG!! If I was doing something I loved and people really enjoyed it as well, I would want to get some money as well. You have to consider it as a work for them; they have to make money to live of... Now dont come after me with: "Oh, you dont think they made enough money already" cause I think they get the money they deserve for putting out so great music.

Calm down men | Reviewer: Danito | 2/14/10

dojobug listen, as simply as this, if you don't like Metallica after AJFA, do not listen to it and keep your comments for yourself, some of us DO like it, and we DO LOVE old metallica too, that's what a fan is about, and you have to be more open-mind about their music, if you really are a metallica fan then you shouldn't critisize them... so please, if you won't say anything good about them, shut up bro.


dojobug...dick face | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/10

(you forgot ride the lightning) just because you don't like their newer stuff doesn't mean that metallica sucks cuz your not the only metallica fan alive in this world.ok maybe if you don't like their newer stuff its your own personal opinion but that napster things just ridiculous.if you think that they're sellout's because they sued a music stealing company you should be getting dickslaps on your face.and i can bet majority of their fans listen to all their music,except for,of course a few cock suckers like you who listen to the so called'true metal' offense:)

and justice for all | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/10

i think this is their best album.there is never a day that i don't listen to and justice for all,one,dyer's,eye of the beholder to live is to die or shortest straw.all of the songs simply kickass but and justice for all is in my opinion the best song from this album.↲↲peace

... | Reviewer: Pimaster ninja | 1/20/10

Its like judas priest after painkiller. they sucked after because they couldnt top it. i thought the black album was even good, but for me, ajfa was their best shit. st. anger, load, and qeload were essentially kroq music (shitty alternative like pheonix). dm is all right, theyre back on track, but they couldve done better.

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