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Performed by Metallica

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not sell outs! | Reviewer: ride the master of justice | 7/8/08

i dont believe they are sell outs. i believe theyve aged. if they were sellouts, they wouldnt continue to change their style. sell outs are just the same song after song. when they were young, they used to just do thrash, about violence etc, but as they aged their songs became deeper in meaning. as they continue to age, they change, they decide they want to play differently. i think they are almost being forced to return to their roots, because thats what everyone wants. i personally wouldnt mind that, but if they dont want to, then they shouldnt. i will accept them no matter how they sound. just as i did when load and reload came out. those and st anger are pretty good if you actually listen to them by the way ;)

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/08

this song is no doubt, one of the most awesome metal songs in the history of metal. I thought it was really weird and lacking structure when I first heard it, but after listening to it, I liked it a lot more. Long live rock and roll!!!!!

Metallica = Best band ever !! | Reviewer: Derek Johnson | 5/18/08

Aw man, this song is so awesome, but also true in alot of ways, the justice system is absolutely fucked nowadays. I know this song was released in 1988, but it's still true today. Kill Em' All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets and ...And Justice for all is when Metallica were pretty much metal gods, I still consider them as such today. And their 9th album is gonna be awesome, they're returning to their 80's roots, and c'mon, you've got Robert Trujillo comparing the album's sound to Master Of Puppets! looks like no more St. Anger, the real Metallica are coming back !!!!!! :D

can't rag on it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/08

..And Justice For All is, to many, Metallica's best album. To others, it is seen as when they began to sell out. I see this a bit; the mix is a little commercial and needless led to the uber-commercial black album. I actually like a lot of songs (particulary the first 4) on AJFA.

This one is definitely one of the best. Its biting riff and structure is reminiscent of The Four Horsemen (one of my other fave metallica songs) in a sense. At first I thought it was a 10 minute mess, but now i understand the epic, great structure it has.

The song kicks ass, NO DOUBT.

sweet | Reviewer: James Johnson | 1/3/08

I've always liked this song, but i knew only a handfull of the lyrics. It really does help to know what they are saying to fully understand the song. The older Metallica is the better Metallica. All of the new stuff by them is alright but its just not the same head-banging, riot starting, freiking going nuts over the songs kind of stuff. Best Song, Best Album, Best Band.

..And metal for all | Reviewer: Zack [metal militia] | 10/30/07

I love the music in the song. I'm actually wearing an ...and justic for all t-shirt right now :]
Metallica = Best band on earth

lyric speak | Reviewer: gogs_101 | 9/24/07

dude you shud check out the lyrics for 'fade to black', the most powerful song ever, also by metallica, the best band ever.

Opinion? I think not. | Reviewer: K1mm3th | 9/8/07

Metallica is obviously the best band ever. Fact Fact Fact; I mean srsly guys. Come on, Lol.
I'm listening to the song right now. =)

Awesome.. | Reviewer: Kaan Kalem | 8/21/07

I think this song is awesome and the one that open doors into metalmusic..I agree, we always love you Metallica!

justice is raped | Reviewer: Cliff Burton | 8/9/07

the lyrics are incredibly good and sorrily true!!!
thanks METALLÄ°CA.
we always love you.

Bar none.... | Reviewer: biggoose74 | 6/16/07

The best song ever made by metallica! Describes the Justice system to a fuckin tee.

Justice | Reviewer: Porthos | 6/6/07

This is a beautiful song with fucking good and true lyrics. And I agree that it is one of the best songs in metal history.

BTW:Metallica rules

One of The Best Damn Song in Metal History | Reviewer: Addison | 3/8/07

This Song is one of the best damn songs in metal history. The lyrices are amazing

Learn people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/06

Learn people, learn.
This is the law that should be talked turkey in every damn and corrupted hall of justice.
Thank you Metallica.
We love you.

... And Justice For All | Reviewer: Seth | 7/28/05

This is an awsome song, none the less, an awsome album...
Thank you for having the lyrics on this song, we are redoing this track off of the ... And Justice For All album, and it helps to know the lyrics...


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