just listening | Reviewer: zio stepane | 9/11/13

never see like that all of my life,i just heard it once in my life and i like it and i enjoyed all of his music,yes i'll rememmber all of your music,But now i'm living in Tombak alone leave the world and now i'm alone

Hag's Place | Reviewer: BobSSS | 7/9/13

I grew up tripping with the family to Lake Isabella listening to Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and others... and ALWAYS making note of Hag's Place on the way up...

I credit Merle and Johnny with the fact that I never went to jail. Growing up with a picture in my head of what Prison is like, was enough to make me steer clear of any law heading my way...

Growing up, I remember our community cops sending under-covers out to catch Dealers, so I quit dealing... better to lose the money than do the time...

Currently, I know more about vehicle and civil law than most cops do...

It makes me ill to think what today's music does to kids

Thanks, Merle and Johnny

I just started loving him a year or two ago. | Reviewer: Peggy | 5/2/13

I recently bought the cd titled My love affair with trains. Of course the best. Your account is right on and I,m sure theres more to the story. My hope is to see him in person some day.Thanks,Peg

Texas Barrel House Bakersfield, CA. | Reviewer: Bill Wright | 9/30/12

I played the piano for Tex at the Barrel House. When the Strangers were off the road they would work there. I enjoyed working with Norm, Biff, Roy and Don on sax. Those were the days I miss the most. Mark Yeary and I would trade off on keyboards a lot of the times. I use the stage name Henry Fencepost these days and play at Calico Ghost Town in California.

Bakersfield | Reviewer: Johannes Adriaansen " Dutch " | 5/23/08

I've always enjoyed your music Merle,but they seem to have even more meaning in this day and age..Lived in Porterville for years and frequented, Kernville,Kern River and ofcourse Bakersfield, Yes , I walked the streets of Bakersfield...Now living in Grants Pass Oregon.. Thanks for the memories... "Dutch"