Thank You | Reviewer: Frannie | 6/4/07

I am a three-year survivor of non-hodgkins Lymphoma. I heard this song in the car recently and have never had any song affect me as profoundly. I'm about to walk my second marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training and will carry this song in my heart along the way, substituting the word Walk for Run. Everything else fits perfectly for me and so many of my friends who have survived, or not, many different types of cancer. We have all fought the good fight. Thank you.

Love it. | Reviewer: Hayley | 4/30/07

Thissong,is my lyrical dance.My dance teachers mom has breast cancer.
We love it.

this song pushes us. | Reviewer: jorge | 4/20/07

I'm a 4 year survivor of Testicular Cancer. A close friend of mine recently survived an early breast cancer. Thanks for putting this song out Melissa, your lyrics inspire me to keep pushing each day. Thanks again.

my mother | Reviewer: kathryn lincoln | 4/11/07

i heard this song on the radio and went out immediately and bought it. i just lost my mom to a ten year battle with breast cancer and i cry every time hear this song. i love it and i hope that the more people who become aware about this disease the better chance we can stop from losing wonderful people like my mom to it.

Strength for all | Reviewer: Ambet | 9/22/06

i've known peole with cancer and this song is for all of them. It inspires all people cancer survivors and people who just need a push to go the distance. Thank you for giving every one streangth

I Run For Life | Reviewer: Pat Kinder | 6/15/06

I am a breast cancer survivor of two years, and you nailed my feeling in your song. good Luck to you and your survivorship. We all need to stick together and fight this disease. Thanks for putting it into a song. I Just LOVE IT. THANKS AGAIN! Pat Kinder