Surgery Saves Lives | Reviewer: Surgery Saves Lives | 9/19/08

I would just like to comment on the lyrics of this song. Unlike previous commentator, my least favorite lyric of this song is "THEY cut into my skin, THEY cut into my body, but THEY'LL never take my soul." As surgeons, we are trying to remove cancer and save lives. Did she want us to leave it in?! Maybe, Ms Etheridge should edit the lyrics to blame the cancer and not the people dedicating their lives to saving the lives of others.

this osng touched my heart and gave me hope | Reviewer: hannah | 8/22/08

im only 15, and i was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month and a half ago..the doctors are still trying to figure out why this happened to me at such an early age (very odd)..but i guess ill have to keep my head up and reacvh for the stars like ive been doing my whole life...and try to make my dreams conme true..because i am NOt EVER giving favorite part of this songh is when she says "And they cut into my skin and they cut into my body
But they will never get a piece of my soul"
this song has given me hope---i always loved loved Melissa but now shes my true hero...i love you, melissa!!

i will run for life

I run-walk for life. | Reviewer: Allison | 3/24/08

I have family members- alot of them- that have or have passed due to cancer. I walk in many Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walks every year. I want there to be cure, the cancer is taking my family away from me, and I am tired of it. I want it to be gone once and for all. "When I grow up, there will be a cure"

-----Help out by going to:

and making a donation, support our team.

thank you!!


Running | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

I am dancing for all those fighting and thoose who were nt strong enuf to win th battle. i will dancefor a cure. SLD will dance for a cure.

so true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

i run in the breast cancer run in Ottawa. this song connects me to all the people i know who have breast cancer. including some of my 15 yr or friends, my sister, my aunt and my best friends mom.

running is all we can do, we must keep heading for the cure for breast cancer.

I will always run.

so inspiring... | Reviewer: Madiha | 9/25/07

I heard this song on the radio...and I fell in love with it. Melissa Etheridge really inspired me with this song. Even though I do not know anybody close to me that has or had cancer...but the darkness could knock on my door...anytime...

I really 'feel' this song and my heart goes out to anyone out there...

I will run for life.

i will run | Reviewer: orlando | 9/14/07

because of this song i am going to expand my heart and start to think about people life that has be touch by the glory of pain and sorrow.

i extend my deepest pity for the those how have lost family member due to cancer, but just remember it is not the ending, rather it is the beginning.

i run for life ! | Reviewer: Koochi | 8/20/07

my grandpa,aunt, and uncle all died with cancer ! and this reminds me of them ! thank you melissa .. you rock ! it's so inspiring and reminds me of all those people who suffered and still suffering from cancer .. god bless u all !

i run for everyone | Reviewer: Gretchen | 7/31/07

My grandfather passed away 2 years ago from cancer. Every year I volunteer to help run the Danksin Triathlon in Webster Massachusetts along with other events near my home. And every year it amazes me the people who run this triathlon. From friends to survivors, family, and people who just want to help make a difference. To hear some of their stories are absolutely incredible and by far miracles on earth. I first heard this song at one of the triathlons that I helped out with and I still listen to it all the time it reminds me so much of how grateful I should be that I have never had to go through what many of these people have had to go through and how lucky I am. I hope to one day become a research scientist so that I can help to find a cure for this disease and many others and for all who have cancer never give up there is ALWAYS hope. There are so many people out there that are trying to help you more than you can imagine. Make what you can believe is impossible possible. Melissa thank you for this song it gives me strength every time I hear it.

this song..... | Reviewer: Deborah | 6/27/07

is the most inspring one I have ever heard. I've read the lyrics and only heard the chorus. Wow! this message is the perfect song for every person who is either fighting cancer, survived cancer, and like an attribute to cancer,

Thank You | Reviewer: Paige | 6/20/07

I know I have not had to feel the pain of you who have been challenged in by the cancers you have shared on this message board. However, I find hope for my own challenge in this song. I am a fifteen year old fighter against morbid manic depression. I know some people believe it is only a name, an excuse if you will, for sad people. However, its an actual biological disorder. At one point, I almost gave up on it all... I tried to overdose. But thankfully, I have been blessed with doctors who are helping to give me a second chance at life. Now, I help with depression awareness program,s. I pray for all of you who have shared your stories of your battles with cancer, and for those who haven't been able to share their stories. May God be with you all... and you Ms. Etheridge.

I've found my personal theme song! | Reviewer: Deborah | 6/19/07

I can't believe that I hadn't this song until today, but I swear it felt like Melissa was singing specifically about me. My sister and I have both survived cancer, and last year I completed the Disneyland Half-Marathon while still undergoing chemo. I've been so inspired by this song that I want to start a cancer support group/training group for runners for both current patients and survivors who want to stay active during treatment, or regain their fitness after treatment is completed. God Bless You Melissa, your song has now become my personal theme.

Dearest Friend | Reviewer: Melanie | 6/19/07

I am a Cancer survivor. At the age of 21 I had a full hysterectomy and then at the age of 28 I had breast cancer and thank the good lord they caught it early so I did not have to undergo any big surgeries-again. But now I send out this prayer for my dearest friend "Ann', she just had her breast removed from Breast Cancer and they think that it may now be in her liver. She is being checked again. I just wanted to say "Be strong at this to shall pass!". I love you!

i run for life | Reviewer: kendall | 6/16/07

i love this song my grandmother died from brest cancer and my dance acdmey did a dance to i run for life and i would really like it if possibly let them dance to i run for life at one of your shows thanks so much.

great songg. | Reviewer: ally | 6/5/07

alot of poeple in my family have died of cancer, i love this song rest in peace<33333