evolution | Reviewer: squirrell | 10/26/12

melanie has been hiding her talent under a rock until recently the project 'stages' has propelled her onto a new world stage[no pun intended] and she will enjoy the recognition her talent deserves

I DUNNO?!? | Reviewer: Holly | 7/4/07

.... when you guys all parted didnt u feel like there was something missing??? because still after all these years i kinda do!! :S lol sounds weird i know but yeah...didnt yall miss each other?? did yaz keep in contact?? hahaha pi odunno what im talking about...i dont think, im not even sure if this is what im suppose to be writing in this box but meh lol

xXx PeAcE!! ;)

Melanie c, a growing artist | Reviewer: april calderon | 9/15/05

Since 1996, the spice girls years, to present days, Melanie C has shown to have an amazing talent that does not seize to amaze. She has grown so much through out the years from the young sporty spice with a dream to achieve to a wonderfully mature and beautiful singer who has accomplished more than anyone could ever dream. Melanie C has shown to be a great role model for many as she has recovered from difficult times fighting hard to make it through. Her lyrics, which tell her many experiences with life, reach out to people allowing them a moment in which they can feel as though they are not alone and somehow give them the strength to carry on. She has worked with several different styles of music, from rock to pop on to R&B and dance, mastering each and always keeping her listeners entertained with a distinct style. The now owner of a record label, Red Girl Records, Melanie is beginning a new stage in her career in which she is in control and can create the music which we love. Her new album Beautiful Intentions, out now, is a product of such a label and is one of her best with the rockier side of Melanie c.