Megadeth is way better then metallica | Reviewer: Richard | 2/13/10

U guys are fuckin idiots this song is not about him leaving the band! Anyways it doesn't matter megadeth is way better than metallica! Their music is way better than metallica, it's more faster and harder. So u guys fuck off on my mustaine cuz he made one of the best bands ever

my opinion | Reviewer: Jimi | 11/23/09

I will have to agree with Seth on part of this, Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, ...And Justice For All, and the Black Album all were some of the best albums music has ever seen, but Mustain DID write songs on kill em all. However I will have to agree with Tweek when he said Load, Reload, St. Anger, S&M, Death Magnetic suck, they do... and Seth must have been dropped on his head a few times if he truly thinks they are good albums. METAL first five letters of the name Metallica... they should play metal not that pussy ass music they put on those albums.

Morons? | Reviewer: Seth | 9/27/09

The real moron is under me, he says only when Mustain was in the band Metallica was good. In case you didn't realize, Mustain only helped write FOUR songs. Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, ...And Justice For All, and the Black Album all were some of the best albums music has ever seen. WITHOUT Mustain's help. Load, ReLoad, and St. Anger are by NO means bad albums. There are some very good and personal songs on those albums, it's just not thrash music that Metallica was famous for. Megadeth is also a very good band, but the band has undergone so many changes that it's not even Megadeth anymore. Another recent full line-up change? Mustain is the only familiar face in the band left in attendance. Doesn't that show how Metallica is much more of an organized and brotherly like band? Mustain just gets new bandmates. Metallica solves the problem and goes on to create more outstanding music.

Metallica sucks! | Reviewer: tweek | 9/11/09

Maybe when mustaine was in Metallica the band was good but now they suck ass... want proof Load, Reload, St. Anger, S&M, Death Magnetic and that shitty song I Dissapear they wrote for that shitty movie Mission Impossible II. Don't give me the BS excuse all those albums went platnum, morons like you ME will buy any Piece of crap the put out because you are still hoping they will grow their hair long again and find their balls...

Okay | Reviewer: Vinci | 6/8/09

while I agree, Metallica rocks, Megadeth also rocks. So fuck you me with ur "Mustaine's a cry baby shit" While Megadeth may not be better than Metallica (Metallica rocks) Megadeth is still amazing. And even if you don't like them, you should at least respect them.

this song is not good | Reviewer: me | 5/28/09

its basically about mustaine wanting to be back in metallica and how their relationship failed. miserably. what a pussy. seriously. i mean its a good song but he is just a dumb ass for drinking and binging too much and getting his sorry little ass kicked out of fuckin METALLICA!!!


In Megadeth we trust! | Reviewer: Ellie | 1/22/09

I love this song, it's deep lyrics and the drums and guitars make this song even sexier.. That sounds werid, right? But it's ture, sure Dave might not be the greatest singer around, but I think he sounds pretty wicked. He's an awesome poet and guitarist, if I could write or play as wonderfully as him, I'd be forever greatful. And umm, yeah, this song is INSANELY awesome. ^__^

hellz yea!!!!! | Reviewer: skii | 12/4/07

i f'in LOVE this song the perfect mix of poetry and music. and i can relate to the lyrics...its just a killer song!!!!!!!!! i love u Megadeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Fenyx | 11/8/07

god i love this song. it speaks to me, but its awesome drum work and guitar work make it a perfect mix of rock and poetry. i <3 Megadeth

megadeth | Reviewer: gol | 8/24/07

a very good song, I like more the song tornado but is good this also. megadeth is a exceptional band

my favorite dave mustane lyric | Reviewer: seven | 7/25/07

Catchy tune, deep, heartfelt lyrics, almost modern rock in its arrangement, shows a rare depth of emotionalism as opposed to showcasing guitar solos and drum pyrotechnics.

In Megadeth we Trust? | Reviewer: Baz | 5/24/06

The opening track to Megadeth's 1997 'Cryptic Writings' album, Trust is one of the more mellow tracks in Megadeth's back catalogue. Anyone expecting the thrashing instruments from the previous albums such as 'Rust In Peace' or 'Countdown To Extinction' will be disappointed. Trust opens quite a catchy drum beat with a similar bouncing rhythm to 'Running Free' by 'Iron Maiden' and as you can see by the lyrics, is about the demise of a relationship. As usual, Dave Mustaine dosen't really excel in the singing department as other metal singers do, but he isn't awful, Marty Friedman has the obligatory solo after some spoken word mid-song, making it seem more like a song written by HIM than one of the gargantuans of speed metal. In fact from this song, it's easy to see where legions of gothic bands have stolen their style from. Overall, Trust is a good song, not a great song, and there are definitly better songs on 'Cryptic Writings' such as 'Have Cool, Will Travel' or one of my personal favourites 'She-Wolf'