Stupid fans. | Reviewer: ajrl | 12/4/12

Why every time when someone talks about MEGADETH....
always some asshole talks about Metallica and start un say Shit about this band... Ho Fuck!
This is about this song, trust by MEGADETH!
I like metallica too... And so Fuck'n what! Who cares about stupid past between them?
This song is awesome! Just awesome... That's all! No metallica, No fights.... Here is just MEGADETH.

the song | Reviewer: andrew | 7/23/12

i think this is a love song. u know it's funny when a metal bands who usually play heavy songs play a love song. love song about trust. good one from megadeth

and for megadeth vs metallica... doesn't matter. they're good. it's all thrown back to the taste of the listeners who they like more. dot

Some guys in here have really lost their heads | Reviewer: S. Fire | 3/31/12

This is an awesome song it really says what I feel right now, but come on, you gotta leave that Metallica-Megadeth crap behind, they're good now, if they weren't they couldn't have been in the big 4 tour. Btw, some of you guys say Metallica is a shit since The Black Album, as a fan I must say they have good songs in the album, ReLoad, well... they have a few DECENT song, Load and St. Anger are just crap, but Death Magnetic is a good album after their mess up in '96

Badass 'tallica... | Reviewer: Sai | 2/24/12

I very much agree that 'tallica is less of a thrash metal band, 'n megadeth is very much faster 'n harder than 'tallica... Metallica is fucking mainstream, 'n is more 'bout pleasing public than giving smthing of their own..

To Baz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/11

Actually, I am one of Megadeth's biggest fans. I know almost every song of their's by heart and I've only been a big fan for 3 years. I'm 18, and this is my favorite Megadeth song. THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING. In my top 10 songs of all time, no doubt in my mind.

The guy who reviewed before me | Reviewer: Mike | 5/9/11

Dude who reviewed before me, yuo are completely right, and fuck, how the hell did Metallica steal Daves music? MAYBE they did with the Four Horsemen BUT Dave wrote that with metallica and Metallica own half that credit, just the song is different structure wise though. Weirdly enough it was actually dedicated to Cliff Burton, who was the bassist for Tallica before his death in 1986. And to a reviewer down the list, Metallicas Death Magnetic - Watery Shit? Bullshit, produced by Rick Rubin, THRASH METAL! Man, that album was great, the sound and better than St Anger man. But Mustaines fued with Tallica is over, cause then why are they doing Big Four? DUH!

Review below is a moron | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/11

The previous reviewer is a complete fucking moron. Metallica isn't known for stealing other people work. The only work they used is Dave Mustaines and that is when he was in Metallica. Dave helped with the earlier albums, his credit is given when needed. On Ride the Lightning he had maybe 2 songs where he helped with. Any other album Metallica did their own work and stole nothing. Excluding Kill em All where he HELPED and he still received credit.

And you're a complete dumbass as well. If you even heard of Killing is my business you would know he did Them Boots. He had to pay royalties for about 10 years before he got sick of paying for it. That wasn't his own work so everything he did wasn't original.

I'm a big Megadeth fan as I am a Metallica fan and I appreciate both bands equal. You are the most thickest brain dead person I have ever met. If you have even listened to Metallica you would agree that they are both most talented. They have both created legendary emotional songs and kick ass thrash beats. You are just an idiot to see both sides of them.

Try understanding music before you review again and not be a prejudice dick.

Megadeth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/11

Okay first off the song is a great song! And you people DO need to lay the Metallica and Megadeth thing to rest. It's obviously over between them, hence the reason why they are or were on tour together. And Dave Mustaine was wrong with his actions while he was with Metallica, but It DOES NOT give them the right to STEAL Dave's work. That's all Metallica is known for, stealing other artists music. Now, are they a talented band, yes. I can't say they aren't because they obviously became popular with all you lemming fans, and critics, and who am I to judge I'm just a regular ol' person. But both Dave Mustaine and David Ellifson are two of the most talented people known to man when it comes to Rock groups and that's a FACT. Look it up if you don't believe me. So for anyone to say it was OKAY for Metallica (a band known to steal other peoples music) is a complete dumbass! Sure bands need to change things here and there, but have your original music. Unlike Metallica Dave Mustaine wrote all of his own music, and just for that makes the band MEGADETH more of a talent, and legendary.

wtf? | Reviewer: Stephen | 10/25/10

The song is amazing,plain and simple.

Where did all this talk about Metallica and Megadeth come into play?Stupid fanboys seriously.For one Metallica had every right to kick Dave out.He had self destructive habits that could've ruined the band.He's lucky he didn't die or there would be no Megadeth.Just be thankful that he got clean.They had every right to use the songs because they put work into them as well.Them being Metallica.As for their later albums I think they were just as good.Just because a band goes with a new image doesn't mean they become bad.Grow the fuck up.

GTFO | Reviewer: Seriously | 9/3/10

I was listening to Megadeth and Metallica both when they were YOUNG bands (and I was a young person too). When bands put out new material, I try to listen and keep an open mind. I don't like all or nothing. There's redemptive quality in something on all of Megadeth's albums (yeah, I'm old enough to own vinyl from when that was the real option).

As for Metallica, I grew weary after the 8 trillionth version of Unforgiven, but what really made me lose all respect (because hypocrisy pisses me off to no end) was Lars fat mouth over the whole Napster thing. I do not advocate theft of music or any other intellectual property (I'm an author, so this is a real hot button issue for me) but after how Metallica screwed Mustaine over and basically stole his music and downplayed his contribution to their early work, that was it for me. Prick Box for Metallica. Perhaps guilty conscience prompted such a recurrent theme regarding being Unforgiven.

omfg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/10

Jeez, isn't it obvious that it's about a male/female relationship/ Wow, where the heck do you get this shit about being about Metallica? And, god, why the heck do you argue about who's better, when both bands are effing epic, and are also on good terms? It's true, Metallica are not still the same as they used to be (same about Megadeth, thou not so much), but wouldn't it be boring as hell if a band makes the same music over and over again? (I can name some bands like that, it's sad) And anyway, both bands are extremely good, and arguing over which one is better is just pure fanboy crap >.> But if you want to argue, I'm not gonna stop you. I'll just go to the Big 4 concert and have a hell of a time, because I love all 4, instead of being just childish.

Dude, really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/10

This is about a song by Megadeth that's effin BA, and you're gonna bring up beef between bands that's mainly from the fans now? Cmon, they're civil enough to do a Big 4 tour along with Slayer and Anthrax, lay it to rest. Btw, St. Anger was still shit.

about the song | Reviewer: andy | 4/16/10

wow, some of you guys are stupid. the song is about a break up dave had, not him and metallica. it's a beautiful song for when you're tired of the lies a girl has said over and over until you're sick of her shit. and yeah, idc about the whole metallica megadeth debate, but i have to say, st.anger has to be the last great metallica album. sure, all nightmare long and the unforgivein 3 are kickass, but thats about all i have heard. megadeth has the kickass intro from headcrusher, and many others

I swear some people here want to suck James Hetfields cock | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/10

For me metallica lost all credibility with real metalheads when they decided to suck the corporate cock and start producing albums like their self titled, reload etc. If you see the documentary they were even goin to do a radio commercial!
Megadeth strayed into shaky territory with Risk, I admit but come on; the are up there with Slayer in terms of keeping their style over the years.

Basically - Death Magnetic = Watery Shit,
- Endgame - Fucking Kick-Ass

Just my two cents

AC | Reviewer: Faggets | 3/2/10

Megadeth is way better than Metallica,there fuckin sellouts!...Mustaine is a way better guitarist than kirk...Metallica jocked Dave songs!....Real Thrashers and Metal Heads Know what's real Metal and that's ]V[EGADET]-[!!!...fuck all u posers!!!