Nature | Reviewer: Cliff | 7/26/08

This reminds me of the saying about human nature. Aka the Scorpion and the Frog.
Something along these lines:

The Scorpion is standing near a small river. The Scorpion can't cross it because he cannot swim. Then a Frog comes by and ask what is the problem. The Scorpion says: "I can't cross the water because I can't swim" to which the Frog replies: "Climb on to my bag and I will carry you over the water". The Scorpion thanks the Frog and climbs on to his back. And the Frog carries him over the water. All of a sudden the Frog feels a pain in his back and says: "Why did you sting me? Now we're both gonna die". The Scorpion replies: "Because it's in my nature".

he is talking about the devil | Reviewer: jody | 6/26/08

The song you may think he is talking about the government or someone you know.But,in all actuality he is talking about the devil himself and how awful he is and what he does to each and everyone of us.I am very happy that dave has found jesus christ as his savior cause this is the end times we are living in,(if you want to beleive that or not)so i hope whoever reads this finds jesus as there savior cause you will surely be thankful when it is time to meet the father.

Hidden Treasure | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/08

I recently discovered this song and I'm glad I did. It applys in my life due to things that my girlfriend's mom is doing. She's trying to break us up, but a few months ago, I was told by her that I could visit their house any time I wanted (my lady's 7 hours away, we met at college) Her mom is being very controlling and self-centered and seems like she's trying to be my enemy. Well, I've got a new nickname for her. I'm just trying to dodge her stinger.

MEGADETH RULES | Reviewer: Borzh | 1/11/08

Megadeth is the best band i ever heard and although The system has failed is not band's best album, but it's one of the best (with CripticWritings, Youthanasia), and this song is one of my favorites.

The system Has Failed | Reviewer: Dave B | 12/28/07

Just another great song on a fantastic new Megadeth album. Check the other songs out, the only better one on the album is back in the day IMO...

\m/ | Reviewer: Fenyx | 11/13/07

god this song rox. I love the lyrics because they speak to me soooo much. i have made my own connectons from this song to other parts in my life, where all forms of deceptions occured, and because it can apply to alot, that makes this song stand out so prominently in the catalog of awesome Megadeth songs...

wow.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/07

I had someone that called me and my wife his best friends. He manipulated her with information he found out from me into falling in love with him so that he could have sex with her. This song totally describes him and what he did. No one has ever betrayed us anywhere near this much. I can't believe that someone I would invite into my house and treat better than myself out of hospitality and love would betray me, my wife and family like this. I really liked this song before this all happened and now that I look back I can't believe how well the lyrics fit to what was going on.

So much better | Reviewer: Cody Hunter | 10/2/07

Wonderful song, I love how the band interprets things that really make you think about what they said, like "Did they just say that about our government... AWESOME!"

------ About the song The Scorpion performed by Megadeth | Reviewer: max | 8/31/07

This song is just as good as we knew it would be, Megadeth makes songs with lyrics that makes ur mind to reflect. Indirect way to describe real life things. LOVE IT

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Captain Chaos | 7/27/07

Even though the album this song is on is one of Megadeth's weaker albums, this song makes it all worthwhile, i paid £15 for this song alone, but luckily it came with another 11 songs for free!!

very good song | Reviewer: jose manuel | 7/22/07

megadeth is megadeth, one of my favorite bands. every person in the world should know the album system has failed.when i heared the album here in mexico, we and my band couldnt wait to play this song and kick the chair, we were the first to cover thhose songs.
Thanks megadeth for all the good music.

Wow. | Reviewer: Mh | 7/14/07

The entire song is powerful. The guitar work is absolutely amazing. you should check this song out if you haven't already.

it rocks this world | Reviewer: soph | 7/6/07

this song rocks the world and is my fav song eva (excpt from Skid Row 18 and life tht song id good 2 hehe)

Scorpion | Reviewer: John | 5/27/07

This is a really cool song if you don't like it there is something wrong with you. SERIOUSLY