Amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/11

This song is just perfect. Dave couldn't had wrote a more greater song. This is my boyfriend and my song. This is the song we are dancing our first dance to as husband and wife. We got back together during a megadeth concert. Thank you Dave!

Amazing | Reviewer: Juliette | 10/2/10

All people, mostly womans, want to live a big love story but they forget when God gives you this blessing doesn't mean it's gonna be always good times.
When you find the one, you have to fight and fight for that. Doesn't care what the others know, because it's not with your friends you gonna build a life.
And remember that you have just one life!
Apart of that... xP This song is amazing! Makes me cry.

Love this song so much D: | Reviewer: Someone | 8/22/10

Im in love with my best friend. Thats the worst feeling ever. Still, he means so much to me, that I wish we could also meet in the next life... in heaven... Whenever I listen to this song, I think about him... Dave Mustaine, I love you. Thanks for writing such beautiful songs. :']

Awesome! Just Awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/09

I enjoyed reading the previous review, because I agree with it. This songs conveys its fine to be with someone others don't approve of so long as you're happy!!! Dave Mustaine puts his golden touch on yet another song!!

Great =] | Reviewer: Steve | 2/9/08

I'm sitting Thinking about life and stuff, and These lyrics make me realize how much I love my women, and how that even though, people don't want me and her together, that it's ok, love is more important, and will live on, that's just my opinion.

Love it | Reviewer: anna | 12/3/07

I love this song.It makes me think that maybe in a next life I'll be with the one I love...I still hope he will love me too,but I don't know if that will ever happen...