twilight zone | Reviewer: Natasha | 8/14/12

in the music video someone was wearing a twilight zone shirt.i am pretty sure it was this one.i like a couple of their songs and the twilight zone.i was born in 2000 and i can't listen to or watch a lot of cool things because its pop and favorite band is KISS and it sucks cause theyre around 60

shit sandwhich | Reviewer: Philthy Animal | 1/18/11

this song isnt about his wife, Dave said in a interview that this was a response to politicans and news people saying that heavy metal musicians and were dumb. He wanted to prove that the heavy metal community knew what was going on in the world

Peace Sells | Reviewer: Yoshi | 2/11/10

His Wife thinks he doesnt do anything right so she tells him "do u believe in God?" and all that crap so he tells her he can do alot of stuff and he will be the first one 2 make a new way for everyone