LOVE IT!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Natasha | 11/28/12

I LOVE MEGAADETH!!!!!!!!!!!i'm 12 but i love any hard rock or heavy metal band from the 80's and late 70's.mainly 80's.i've never had a boyfriend before so i don't know what its like for them to leave and i'm not sure about my 10 year old sister is an A** a lot and is sometimes alright.i don't understand her and my 6 year old sister sometimes likes me somestimes hates and m ymom argue a lot and she's pretty much calling me crazy or like her pschycotic mother we all hate except my mom.i don't have any way to communicate to my friends besides the house phone and in person so most of the time i just listen to music or watch music related things.probably why i like rock and metal, and my parents, which my dad died in 2010, exactly 2 months before my 10th the way my youngestsister likes megadeth but my mom thought i made her say that.i am pretty much alone in many ways, and if you knew my personality you would think i was a crazy person like michael meyers murdering people.i am a very dark and somewhat evil person but also funny and nice.i'm a wierd freak.MEGADETH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!by the way my otjher sister hates rock and metal and doesn't like Megadeth because in the video for Hangar 18 she thinks its alien abuse but i think its fear.if it was alien abuse,i wouldn't have to get shots because i do the same thing so it would be child abuse which is illegal.

the real reason for this song | Reviewer: Emily Olson | 6/1/12

this song has been interpreted by a lot of people. But in Mustaine's book, this song is described as the riffs being about his mourning for Cliff Burton and the lyrics are for his ex girlfriend at the time: Diana.
By the way, this song brought me out of a terrible depression and it makes me feel so much better to listen to it. i can play it on my flying v guitar so it makes this song so much more special :)

-Emily Olson (AKA Emily Lovelace Mustaine) age 16

Best song ever | Reviewer: Nick | 1/24/12

This truly is the greatest song of all time. Mustaine put so much emotion into this, and now, nearly 25 years later, it remains at the top of my heavy metal catalog. Truth is, when someone turns cold on you in your hour of need; they're scumbags; they're weak people. Only the strong will display love when you're in pain, and that's why Mustaine is the best musician ever.

Musical Masterpiece | Reviewer: Geoff | 8/21/11

this song is so strong, and it means a lot to me. i relate this song to the death of my grandmother. she moved to australia when i was 1 and a half. 10 years after that after only seeing her twice, she died of cancer. thanks Mustaine for that beauty of a song that will always be close to my heart

Oh So True | Reviewer: Chris | 4/1/11

My wife of 24 years told me she wanted a divorce. This came the night before I flew out for my second tour in Iraq. Now anxiety and PTSD rule my life. But hey I'm coming back to Crush'em. I absolutely love this song because in my hour of need she turned her back on me, besides getting shot at and seeing my truck being hit with an IED and all the BS with the Iraqis I had enough stress as it was. But by Gods Grace I survived. Love ya Dave, God Bless and keep rocking.

AWESOME | Reviewer: Oscar Mustaine Cruz | 2/24/11

This song is telling my feelings towards my family. Even though my father Was never really there for me, I reached out for him…but he never lent me a hand. With my mother, ive done a lot to satisfy her but nothing works. With my brothers is like Im not related to them. They never were good brothers and would kick my ass every chance they got. Sometimes I hope I was a baby, so I could be held by my parents and brothers again.

its a f*cking masterpiece | Reviewer: jesse | 8/19/10

i loved this song for a while, but more recently a girl that i had fallen deeply in love with, we had promised to be with eachother forever, she just up and fucking left me, dave is a master, he put 100% of my feelings into this song. the lyrics match exactly what happened. and now with that having happened to me, it just makes this song so much more relevant

Perfect match | Reviewer: Paul | 2/27/10

This song matches 100% to my feelings about the girl I once loved. I trusted her and I loved her...And she just spit back in my face

Dave Mustaine is a Genius. We should study his poetry in school...not other crap

a perfect dedication to a f***** b****..... | Reviewer: Karan Singh Rathore [yup im indian] | 12/18/09

a really meaningful song.the time when the solo enters is the most definitive part of the song..i sms'd the solo lyrics to my x....which actually helped me make her realize what she had done to me.really awesome song,the riffs and solos are really powerful,truly one of megadeth's best.HAIL MEGADETH!HAIL DAVE MUSTAINE!

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/09

I love this band been listening to them since I was 14. This song is I how I feel about my husband, he just doesn't care anymore, he's checked out! I am so mad at him for giving up and refusing to try anymore, I wish things were the way they use to be so everyone would be happy again!! He's just abandoned me at the hardest time of my life, left me alone to deal with the shit by myself!

About a girl named Diana | Reviewer: Chase | 6/14/09

Many songs Mustaine wrote are about her. "Wake Up Dead" mentions her name as well. Jeff Young was kicked out of the band because Dave thought he was messing around with her as well.

In my darkest hour though is by far my favorite song by them, I can listen to it all day.

the truth | Reviewer: jacob | 4/7/09

The truth is that when cliff died he went in the tour bus and wrote this on an acoustic guitar in one sitting by himself the only song that was wrote in this fashion but he later clarified that "In my darkest hour" and Die dead enough was about a girl Diane. Though it was inspired by Cliff Burton's passing.

My sentiments exactly!!! | Reviewer: Brian | 4/6/09

Dave!!! No doubt,you are a genius. Word for word explains EXACTLY how I feel. It's like the ones we hold in such regard are the ones that bring on the most pain. Tis true, they have a way of tearing us down, and somehow we must find the strength to hit as those blocks so we don't stumble over them over and over again. Mustaine, keep up the good work. Dude, no matter what people may say Cliff would be proud of you and the accomplishments you have made. And for the fact you didn't sell out and go mainstream like his bandmates ended up doing somewhere after And Justice For All. Hatfield and crew sold us out. Mustaine NEVER sold us out. Think or say what you will about the creative genius of Dave, but I don't think you will ever be able to hold a candle to him.

to my ex-girl Cone.. | Reviewer: hatred | 11/15/08

this is exactly what i wanna say to you...who used me up as money n simply hang me out to dry,who is seeing someone else right after dumping me,who makes me feel like a fool..i would fill my life with hatred towards you...all my life..

Mustaine's not gay | Reviewer: Brad K | 10/25/08

If he wrote the song entirely about Burton, would he write "...won't you hold me again..."?
That'd be pretty gay.

But put into proper context, lyrically directed towards a woman, it take serious balls to include a vulnerable lyric like that. Awesome.