in my darkest hour | Reviewer: Jarred | 10/13/08

In my darkest hour isnt about Cliff presay, and its not about his exwife Mustaine has even said it (In interviews, and the 2004 remaster of So Far, So Good...So What) has to do with CLiff's death sooo Zombie your a stupid cunt for telling people to do research..... Its about how pissed off he was and lonley he felt becuase no one from Metallica told him about Cliffs death (Whome he was good friends with) he had to hear it from their manager.... And if Dave ever read about the kid mockin he christianty hed kick your ass

Wow.. Just Wow. | Reviewer: Jesse | 10/6/08

These lyrics are so beautiful, so true. There is many a time I have felt like this, and Dave writes it so well, and the guitar... It goes so brilliantly with the song... Amazing... Truely truely amazing. This has always been a favourite of mine, but I never really paid attention to the story behind the lyrics, but knowing it makes it 100x more powerful. METAL!!!

The right reason | Reviewer: Zombie | 9/19/08

When he heard about Cliff dying he sat down and just wrote this song by himself it's not about Cliff it's about his ex-wife now there goes the real reason about everything and what not next time do more research before saying what the meaning of songs and other stuff is

Pure Hate | Reviewer: Tovarich Merol | 9/12/08

Dave wrote this song for Cliff Burton.... Looks as if he hated Cliff for no giving him a hand when he was kicked out of Metallica, well watever he always has been trying to be better than metallica and now is his chance (Metallica totally sucks now) but there's a problem... oh yessss... Dave is now a christian dude, Dave, come on... come back to the dark side and show Metallica you are better than them!!!! gd dmmt

you met me,NIKKI,& NANCY in 86 or 87 @metroplex,partied w/ us | Reviewer: Lisa CHUERCHE | 7/5/08

This is LISA.
Youre "only love song by MEGADETH" as I've heared you refer to it as,was my pain too from abusive parents and especially a jealous of me,competitive mother not worth a S#$T!It helped me from KILLING,lol,them sometimes to ventalate the angerTHANX for the song and other awesome music,you were,are,and still are my FAVORITE metal band ever! Love an thanx again,LISA

The Reason I'm Alive | Reviewer: Teddi Raabe | 5/12/08

In My Darkest Hour is the most important song I have in my life. It saved me from depression and suicide. So if Dave Mustaine ever reads this...:"you're my hero, you saved my life and you will always be my hero. Megadeth is my faviote band and will always be. Their(your) lyrics are beatiful and...I cant thank you" When I found out that I was getting a guitar, I knew that In My Darkest Hour was the first song I would ever learn. It saved my life and it'll always be there for me and I'll be always behind Dave. I saw him in concert May 9th of this year and when he played this song I just cried so hard...yeh...thank you Dave!!! Thank you megadeth!!!

internal exposure | Reviewer: danielle | 12/31/07

tragedy brings out the most powerful feelings in humans by nature. dave, like us all, was still affected by the tragedy of metallica's cliff burton, despite his falling out with them.

Masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

Dave Mustaine wrote the entire guitar part of the song right after he got the news that Cliff Burton died. Dave's girlfriend dumped him just shortly before-hand. This song is about how Dave really needed his girlfriend there to comfort him during the tragedy. I really feel his pain in this song. RIP Cliff.

Excelente | Reviewer: alejo montalvo | 9/17/07

Excelent song, you must be really lonely to write a song like that ... its totally insane!!! Good fucking song...."But, oh how I lived my life for you,
Till you'd turn away
Now, as I die for you,
My flesh still crawls as I breathe your name
All these years, thought I was wrong,
Now I know it was you
Raise you head, raise your face, your eyes,
Tell me who you think you are?" Long live Mustaine

Burton | Reviewer: Chris | 7/24/07

This song is inspired by the tragic death of the bass player ever, Metallica's own Cliff Burton. The lyrics do not reflect to him but his death brought on Mustaine writing this. It all comes back to Metallica FTW. Good song tho. Enjoy