what?! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/10

sorry... i may have forgotten about ...and justice for all... i still like the black album thru death magnetic, but i'm more of a death metal/grincore fan, so i naturally i like the faster stuff put out by metallica... and metallica sort of degressed in speed after they got jason newsted from flotsam and jetsam... i also should've added death magnetic to the list of metallica's thrash albums because, in my opinion, death magnetic is a huge comeback... by the way, i'm only 13, so don't take it too hard on me... my opinions aren't as well developed as people's who have had time to see thrash all the way through... i never said metallica sucks by the way... i still own all of their albums...

MegaDave | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/10

FUCK the person who said metallica didn't make good records after master of puppets!! fuck you to hell!! AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!!! was metallica at their fucking best!! lars was unstoppable nothing can beat that metallica even if dave plays guitar with his cock!
but why the fuck are we talking about metallica??
im a die hard megadeth fan and i hate when megadeth fan boys goes all metallica sucks!!
coz they don't im not a fan of a era im a fan of both bands!! so METAL UP YOUR ASS!! METAL ROCKS!!!

Really | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/10

You're not including the best Metallica of all time? And Justice for all! Hell, all Metallica's albums are good. Just like Megadeth, Metallica doesn't play thrashy anymore, Megadeth just plays heavier than Metallica now.

Anyways, great song. It's the song that got me into Megadeth!

megadeth, or metallica | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/10

God... I used to be a huge Metallica fan, but they haven't put out a decent album since Master of Puppets... Every single Megadeth album is a great one! Although I liked 'em better when they were stil flying the prestigous flag of thrash, Megadeth still proves to be awesome...

Fuckin' Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/09

I LOVE MEGADETH! i have been listening to Megadeth since i was 8 years old, and this was the first song i heard. not my favorite (that would be Good Mourning/Black Friday) but probably 3rd on the list.

Me-ga-deth! Me-ga-deth! Me-ga-deth! Me-ga-deth! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/08

Dave is a genius, but sadly my Metallica fanboy friend who saw fit to bash or dismiss Dave with inaccurate 'critique' for the past number of years has now resorted to listening to Megadeth thanks to Guitar Hero 2 and probably because his other 'metal' friends are singing Dave's praises recently...I HATE SHEEP. ALL SHEEP MUST DIE. NO MERCY KILLINGS FOR THE SHEEP.

Way cool song by Dave | Reviewer: Arul Mahanta | 8/4/07

I love Dave for what he really is. We need "politicians" like Dave in this hoax which we call planet Earth. Great stuff.

Wow! | Reviewer: Robin Marchant | 7/10/07

I am truly amazed, as this is the first website i have been on, where the lyrics to megadeth songs are perfect.
This song has always been my favourite megadeth song, ever since i bought my first Megadeth CD which was greatest hits, at the current momen though, i have 10 of their cd's, and my collection is still growing.

Great song | Reviewer: Brian | 9/12/06

This is a great song. Almost prophetic if it just wasn't a metal song. The only cassette tape ( yes) that I had in the first gulf war was this one.. Every song is engrained in my head from hours of listening. In hindsight it seems a very fitting release for me to have there. Great songs covering some cool topics.. not just the normal crap from pop, hip hop, country etcc...