In regards to its being in Guitar Hero... | Reviewer: Leon | 4/11/08

Chill out Trevor B. Seriously. It's just a goddamn game, and there's no reason to wish death upon the makers or those who play it. You need therapy if you really think that way. (...And if those who play Guitar Hero are losers, I'll bet you can guess what that makes DDR fans as well.)

It really is a good thing that it made it into the Guitar Hero series, when you really think about it RATIONALLY. If someone who never heard Megadeth before in their life played this song in-game and loved it, they'd have incentive to search for more of their songs, making them likely become Megadeth fans. In turn they'll have incentive to buy Megadeth's original albums and go to concerts where they perform and, therefore, give the band funds for better quality equipment, composing new songs and releasing them on new albums, etc.

As Megadeth fan myself, I'd consider that a GOOD thing. So fucking CHILL, people. I've never seen such whininess over a game before.

MEGADETH | Reviewer: Trevor B | 3/13/08

You all suck ASS if you only like Megadeth because of one of their good songs was put on guitar hero. GUITAR HERO IS GAY AND THE MAKERS SHOULD DIE IN A HOLE!!! If you like Hangar 18 then try the album "The world needs a hero" its another megadeth album and has the song "Return to hangar".

Thank you Dave Mustaine, I mean the real Dave, I got hooked to ur music back in 1993 or so. Have a good life, im praying for you,

Trevor Brunell.

Tribute Songs are crap.... | Reviewer: Heavy Metal | 12/5/07

There is this band called the Metal All-stars and they did a "Megadeth Tribute" album and it really pisses my off because it is nothing like the original version of this awesome song. It really just pisses me off that some random band can throw a few notes together and make a "tribute to a band, when all they're really doing is botching the song. Screw the Metal All-Stars!!!!!

Powerless | Reviewer: Heavy Metal | 12/6/07

There's a band called the Metal All-Stars.... they recently did a "Megadeth Tribute" and Hanger 18 was one of the songs they did. It really pisses me off beacuse it's nothing like the original version of the song. I guess what really pisses me off is that some random band can throw together a few notes and call it a "tribute" when all they're really doing is botching the song!!!! The worst part? Not one fucking thing I can do about it. AAARRRGH!!!!!!!

Guitar Hero 2 opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/07

I think that this song coming out on Guitar Hero 2 is a goos thing... I myself only got interested in Megadeth because of the game, and I am glad that the song was in the game because now I'm hooked on this awesome-ass band!

hangar 18 | Reviewer: headbanger 101 | 11/9/07

megadeth is one of the best bands ever its a shame most ppl have only heard of it from guitar hero 2

lol | Reviewer: Fenyx | 11/8/07

u know wuts funny is yall proly havent even heard of this song til Guitar Hero 2 came out. Im not sayin thats relly a bad thing but its jus kinda funny cuz this aint even Megadeth's best work.

right the first time | Reviewer: King of Metal | 10/13/07

The lyrics were right the first time, and I've no idea where you got your either "midnight" or "rubiously", it obviously says Hanger 18. By the way, this song kicks supernatural ass.

the lyrics are bad | Reviewer: davemustaine | 10/12/07

Welcome to our fortress tall
Take some time to show you around
Impossible to break these walls
For you see the steel is much too strong
Computer banks to rule the world
Instruments to sight the stars

Its midnight and rubiously
and not too much!

Foreign life forms inventory
Suspended state of cryogenics
Selective amnesia's the story
Believed foretold but who'd suspect
The military intelligence
Two words combined that can't make sense

Its midnight and rubiously
i have seen not too much!

CHupame el huevo, el huevo! chupame el huevo! el huevo!

Mega awesome | Reviewer: Jacob | 6/4/07

this song rocks the lyrics rock the band rocks everything about hanger 18 rocks!!!!!!