Come on, guys! | Reviewer: Shahir | 5/8/12

Just as I thought. I go to a page for Megadeth lyrics, and there are people arguing who is better, Metallica or Megadeth (or in this case as well, GnR and Nirvana). Shut up about it! I love both bands! (Megadeth and Metallica), and they do have rather different styles of playing. Just appreciate that this is an awesome, fast paced song with some great lyrics. Geez -.-

]V[ E G A I) E T }{ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/11

This song is insanely amazing. Dac Cavadias, I know you love Megadeth, and I am no doubt one of Megadeth/Dave Mustaine's biggest fans, but I still think Metallica is as great or greater. Their first 4 albums are in my top 10 albums of all time, namely Ride the Lightning, which is my all-time favorite album. It has 3 songs on it that are in my top 5 songs of all time. But I have to say, IMHO, all Megadeth albums are great and Metallica has made a few so-so albums such as Saint Anger, S&M, Reload, and especially Load, which I think may even be below average sad to say.

Nirvana | Reviewer: Karwash | 8/29/11

GNR absolutely had more skilled musicians in it then Nirvana. Let's be honest, Cobain was a TERRIBLE guitar player, and Grohl didn't even get good until after his Nirvana days.
Yet despite all of this, I would rate Nirvana as the better band because they actually revolutionized the genre and produced a type of music that no one had heard before, rather than GNR's cheesy 80's sound...
As far as Hangar 18 is concerned, it has some crazy arpeggios in it and Friedman's sweeps and tonal changes are insane. Not bad for a guy who had virtually no education in music theory...

Metal needs a nirvana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/11

Earlier alernative rock was not mainstream but nirvana changed all that, it was the best band, better than GNR shit.
Now that metal is dying, it needs a band like nirvana to change all that and put that gay ass shit like justin beiber out of business

Boss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/11

Guns > Nirvana

Nirvana is a fantastic band (Dave Grohl is my biggest inspiration), but don't talk smack about a greater band that was involved in possibly the only feud Axl Rose didn't start himself.

In the meantime, this isn't supposed to be about Guns or Nirvana... it's Megadeth. And this song's got an incredible solo and an awesome riff. Mustaine and Friedman are beasts!

Hey now | Reviewer: sprode | 10/12/10

Don't talk smack about GNR. Talking about the greatness of Nirvana then dissing GNR... meh.

And as for Guitar Hero, there's nothing wrong with it, at least until they milked it dry. After about 3 the series, for all intents and purposes, died. It's a freaking game, for goodness sake. You should be happy that it is spreading class acts like Megadeth to new audiences. Don't be an elitist. Anything to fight the bubblegum rap/pop menace I say.

But anyway, Megadeth is uber-god. Rust in peace, metalheads.

Nirvana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/10

How could anyone say that GH was ruined by Nirvana? I agree completely with Paramore, but Nirvana was, without a doubt, the greatest band of the '90s. Without them, rock would've died in 1991. However, with Cobain's brilliant songwriting, Nirvana fixed the crap that was going on. (Whitesnake, Poison, Motley Crue, GN'R, NOT Megadeth and Metallica). If anything, Guitar Hero was just a bad idea to start, and they made it worse by stuffing it full of shit like Guns N' Roses and Dragonforce, and they didn't even use one of Megadeth's lesser-known songs. GH=shit, Nirvana=greatest band of the last 20 years.

Kyle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/10

yeah man i heard this and Symphony of Destruction on GH and now in March im going to see em live lol, they became one of my favorite bands and i own all their albums, so i'd say guitar hero is good for expanding peoples musical taste, sure opened my eyes to a lot of good bands, but no GH is slipping by putting shit like Nirvana and Paramore on their World Tour and 5 Sucked lol but still had some good songs, but yeah thought i'd throw that out there

ITALIANO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/10

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Agreed | Reviewer: dac cavadias | 12/11/09

I personally hate guitar hero but i must admit it does give people the opportunity to listen to metal instead of rap. I personally like metal becauseit is way more talented than rap will ever be! and its way harder to play, i used to rap and i play guitar, ive been playing for 12 years now. Megadeth is one of the funnest bands to play of all time! WAY BETTER THAN METALLICA!

guitar hero isnt gay! | Reviewer: Derrek | 7/3/09

B4 guitar hero i hadnt heard of alot of my fav bands, including rage against the machine, disturbed, and megadeth. while sum losers hv no life and make us all look like douchbags playin gh, its a cool game that helps bands get new fans. and ne1 who says otherwise can go choke on my dick!! :0

Good times | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/09

I've been a fan of Megadeath since I was really young. I remember hearing "99 ways to die" on Beavis and Butthead and then immediately got the casettes

DUDE OMG SO DID I!! I Got that CD and played it and thats when I found out about Megadeth. God Beavis and Butthead got me into GWAR as well, thanks to the video game. HAHAH They where great, they also got me into Korn. Yes that is right. When Korn was new and no one knew who they where, they where on Beaves and Butthead. AS soon as I watched their video on one of the shows I went out and got their 1st CD

Hmm | Reviewer: yesbaby | 3/5/09

Well in my oppinion the fact that megadeth had a song in GH is just a tribute to their greatness. And to the guy who said that most people only heard of the through GH, i have a series of points to make: Rust in peace(1990) Platinum - Countdown to Extinction (1992) Multi Platinum and Grammy nominatied - and those are just two it would take to long to list em all but fact is that 95% of all megadeth releases has achieved either gold or Platinum sales, so dont tell me people only know these guys throug GH :) that being said if GH can give the Rap/pop generation a taste of real music, then more power to them, now we just need to have MTV removed and life will be good :)

In regards to guitar hero | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/08

I've been a fan of Megadeath since I was really young. I remember hearing "99 ways to die" on Beavis and Butthead and then immediately got the casettes and fell in love with their music. All you youngsters that think guitar hero is a bad thing are morons. It gives younger people a chance to discover and appreciate an older generations music, which is better than most of the crap kids listen to these days. That and I like guitar hero...I'd rather play Megadeths songs covered by some nobodys band and be able to pay under 50 bucks for the game then have them played as Megadeth and pay 200 for the game.

In regards to its being in Guitar Hero... (part 1) | Reviewer: Leon | 4/11/08

Chill out Trevor B. Seriously. It's just a goddamn game, and there's no reason to wish death upon the makers or those who play it. You need therapy if you really think that way. (...And if those who play Guitar Hero are losers, I'll bet you can guess what that makes DDR fans as well.)