the good die young | Reviewer: Dian Ratna Sari | 8/16/14

I listen and dedicated this song to my college senior "alm.moch.nur sholikin" who dead caused by heart attack. i feel sick for your gone.. And after all, i want you to know that i have a feeling for you since the First Time. I love you :') *may God love's be with you

Winning the game of life | Reviewer: Scott mitchel | 11/6/13

To me this song is totally positive when I realized life was a game I decided to play harder stronger the good bye to me is one of a old life re birthed into a more focused and stronger fight for success and we all know success is the fruit of failure megadeath is a great band that will always be in my life I am 42 and I use this band like a motivational course in life enjoy. Scott

Dedicated to a fellow classmate | Reviewer: T.J. Worthington | 9/23/13

This, along with the remastered version, is a song. My fellow classmate from my high school died in a car accident 6 months ago, and the original version of À Tout Le Monde is the perfect song to dedicate his memory to. When I start a heavy metal band, Me, and my bandmates should perform this song at a concert.

Actual Meaning | Reviewer: Naveen Kr Mavi | 8/17/13

A person dying have few seconds left and he want to confess and say he loves all.. People generally left with no time to say he loves his people but in this casem this chap is lucky and speaking his heart out

the way I feel this song | Reviewer: jakjarv | 7/9/13

I am a fan and always will be! But I always felt the song was about being so addicted, you could OD at any time, its his apology to everyone for doing something that may kill him, yet he has not found the inner strength to leave the danger of this addiction behind. So he is saying goodbye while he is semi-lucid.

My personal struggle | Reviewer: MegaKris | 7/9/13

I am a long-time Megadeth fan, and have been to tons of their concerts, met Dave Mustaine (he touched my hand!), and am totally in love with him. His lyrics are intelligent and beautiful, and they are unlike any other band, in my mind, that they can put out a METAL song like A Tout Le Monde. I always said I wanted that song played at my funeral. I also have struggled with alcoholism in my life and have been to rehab twice. I interpret this song as slightly suicidal, in that in addiction you are basically killing yourself slowly. It outlines a person who is dying (or has died) inside. "If my heart was still alive, I know it would surely break" is evidence of a person who has died inside. I personally died inside, and surely would have died from my disease, that's why I soooo identify with this song. Now I am 99 days sober TODAY, and the first thing I thought of was "99 Ways To Die," when I woke up. Because I am now in recovery, I have "99 Ways To LIVE!" ...And so does Dave. Thanks Dave, you're the man!

meaning | Reviewer: matt | 6/23/13

this songs about what Dave Mustaine feel's and the last thing's he would say to his friends and family befor he died. there's a video of him talking about it saying how its a exspression of him self dying in a way

Its not about suicide, but it is brilliant | Reviewer: Taco | 4/16/13

This song was written while Mustaine was struggling with addiction.. he was trying to stay alive as hard as he could, he never had any suicidal tendencies, or depression. Thats why he went to rehab around 4,000,569 times

Think about THIS | Reviewer: Greg | 4/11/13

Brilliantly written and Beautifully performed. Mustaine is a fantastic MUSICIAN.
Think about THIS. Had he not been booted from Metallica in both the groups early stages...there may not have been a Megadeath? Mustaine may not have gone down a path to unleash his creative genius, as he was driven after that to "show" them what a mistake they made. Ha ha. Think about THIS...the freaking talent of musicians assembled in that original group that produed two of the greatest metal and musical bands of all time. AMAZING

brilliant! | Reviewer: brian k g | 11/28/12

Megadeth will take anyone to school from their hooks and awesome leads especially the second lead on this so easy yet brilliant,who would of thought metal could be played like this!just one of those bands that will stand the test of time.

Transcending language | Reviewer: Just another fan | 9/13/12

I heard this song first when I was still in high school. I'm 34 by the way and it touched me and I had know idea why. I just recently looked up the meaning of the French and now I know why. Isn't it funny how a song can't resonate within you like a tunning fork. Wether or not you know the words. Screw math music is the universal language

great song | Reviewer: Natasha | 9/8/12

i don't think this song is aboub suicide.i don't care if it is.its still a ggreat song and people should pay attention to the song not what it means.when i hear this song i don't think of anyone/anything in particular although my dad did die in his 30's in 2010.i'm 12 and haven't heard many songs but i love all the one i have heard.i want to listen to more songs but youtube is slow and i can't download any on my zune and i don't know where to get an album or if i should spend my money on it cause i only get money for christmas and my birthday and my mom won't buy anything extra cause we are poor.i heard five megadeth songs so far.sometimes i will get this song stuck in my head at random times at school.and it goes back and forth betwenn this and another 6 year old sister i think likes them a little and i don't know about my10 year old sister.i want to learn bass and when i do i will learn to play peace sells.right now i am learning guitar.i also want to learn the way a LOT of peole commented!!

Beuatiful heart touching song | Reviewer: Robert O | 9/1/12

Im 16 years old and just started to listening to Megadeth cuz I bought Rust In Peace last week for no reason and loved it right in the moment the guitar riff started playing. I youtubed Megadeth and found this particular song and touched my soul entirely. Dave Mustain is a true musician who writes music for himself and it is beautifuly written. My grandfather died a month ago and this song had made me cry into tears because this song truely reflects the moment and my life.

Megadeth At Their Best | Reviewer: Butch | 8/6/12

When I heard them perform this song live my reaction was "Wow!"

"Moving on is a simple thing
What it leaves behind is hard"

These lyrics really hit me because it is so true.

Simply brilliant!

Correction | Reviewer: FrenchBen | 7/24/12

I'd like to point out that "A tout le monde" doesnt' mean "To all the world". It really only means "to everyone".

It's the first time i read about this song online and i'm surprised there's a debate about it being about suicide or not. I've always listened to it as if he was talking about suicide. I'll try to have a different POV next time i listen to it.