just wat i heard... | Reviewer: mullet boi | 12/11/07

Hey ppl i heard that this song was inspired by the last letter of king louis IX of france, who wrote his last letter to the people of his country before he was beheaded as part of the french revolutions reighn of terror. this is not wat i personally beleive but has any1 else heard this?

Why arguing? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

Hell yeah Megadeth, and this song. Megadeth is a great band.Please stop fucking arguing about James & Dave. Megadeth and Metallica all the way

>_< | Reviewer: Fenyx | 11/8/07

well uhh... who the hell cares what other ppl think abt this song? seriously, ppl take songs out of context all the frickn time. I have just learned to ignore it and appreciate the beauty of it by myself. so jus chill yall. and fuck u devilgod, Mustaine kix ass. & he aint emo, cuz emos suck. like u. Mustaine nvr relly complained about gettin kicked out of Metallica, he jus went his own way with Megadeth, and both of em put out good music so its all good.

good song | Reviewer: me | 10/19/07

i love this song it's great even when i first heard it i loved it it's great and MTV is stupid to not let the music video on cause they think this song is about suicide they even did that with In My Darkest Hour god MTV is gay but megadeth rules LONG LIVE MEGADETH!!!!

awesome :D | Reviewer: randy | 10/20/07

very nice song and meaning

ppl are taking this one out of context and making it look/sound bad

it is quite the opposite

it has great meaning and i think its kicks ass

kudos to Mustaine and company

to anonymous on 9/4/07: you have no idea what you are talking about you are no megadeth fan obviously

so, partir en vacances/ekoigner

Megadeth forever :D

Not a suicide note. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/07

This is from wikipedia.

"However in an interview conducted about 1994 Dave Mustaine clearly states "It's not a suicide song. What it is, it's, you, it's when people have a loved one that dies and they end on a bad note, you know, they wish that they could say something to them. So this is an opportunity for the deceased to say something before they go."

And yeah, it is an amazing song.

Awesomeness | Reviewer: Brandon | 10/9/07

I'm a HUGE Deth fan and I used to not like this song because I was into their heavier stuff, but it's grown on me. Deth is good fast and heavy, and slow and soft. Great song, Amazing band.

Thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/07

My Grandfather died December 9th of last year. This man would have agreed with every line of this song were he here today, and while he was with us, he did. He loved life and all of it's forms. I remember how he used to do the little things. feed the birds, drool over his roses. He loved his roses. In the minds of my family, he is alive and well because I am alive. I bear a great resemblance to this great man. I plan to use this song as my dirge on my reckoning day, the day I am reunited with my fallen members. I am an alcoholic, I cannot say what makes me drink, however, when I do I feel closer to him and I know he watches over me. I cry just about every time that I hear this song because I can relate so much. I dropped out of high school, got published, drank myself into poverty and lost the best friend that I ever could have asked for. His body is gone, that's all... One day, I shall sing the same refrain....

thankx | Reviewer: Lynn | 9/19/07

Thanx Megadeth!! My husband died suddenly and this song seemed like it was written by him to get me through. Funny though I always felt it was written by some one who was dying of something uncurable not suicide

A tout le Monde | Reviewer: Toast | 9/14/07

This ong is absolutely magnificent. Defiitely my favorite Megadeth songs, and maybe one of my favorite songs ever. Yes, the suicide note reference is obvious... but it can be interpreted different ways:

-someone who has to go away...for a long very long time, or completely.


-a natural death

-an accident

-etc, etc.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a suicide. It obviously points to the person who wrote the note dying, but still... you can also look at it as someone just having to go away, not being able to see their loved ones for a long time, or ever again.

In the end the message lies in the chorus. "I love you, I must leave."

and in this line :

"Please smile, smile when you think about me
My body's gone that's all"


MEGA DAVE! | Reviewer: Jimmy Funk | 9/6/07

There is no greater loss than a friend. One of my favorite's off Youthanasia. Has the same effect on me now as it always has. I wasnt expecting the chic. Gave me chills.

nice music... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/07

well guys i am more a metallica fan but megadeth can RLY give us smthing better than that song.Maybe its because i dont like balands a lot but megadeth always used to talk about world wide problems and this song seems to talk about whiny little problems. I dont like that ...

Not really... | Reviewer: devilgod | 8/21/07

I love this song, certainly one of my favourite Megadeth songs. As a group they are great, shame Dave Mustaine is such a cry baby... "Wah, I got kicked out of Metallica...". I see what is being said about the 'suicide note' theme but I prefer to think of it as a dying old mans eulogy, looking back on life and saying farewell to his friends and family. Nicer thought than some selfish emo wrist slitter's scrawlings...

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

megadeath is an excellent band with a great sound.This song is an obvious suicide note.no one is worth your life.i am disappointed and saddened by this horrible song.

------ About the song A Tout Le Monde performed by Megadeth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/07

The solo is better in the original version, but the voice of Cristina add ... ... something very deep in the new version.