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Performed by Matt Wertz

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Totally amazing | Reviewer: Sasha | 2/10/2008

A friend sent me a slideshow of Istanbul (capital of Turkey for those who don't know) and this song was playing in it. I fell in love with it immediately. I downloaded the song and am listening to it every 5 min now. :) I've never heard of Matt Wertz before but I hope I will very soon because this song deserves to be in the top charts. It is very beautiful and totally amazing.

Unbelievable | Reviewer: Casey | 1/21/2008

This song is so amazing.. Its hard to think that one day I was just flipping through artits and found him. It was fate, and Im so glad I heard this. This song means so much to me, and its by far my favorite in the world right now.

Totally wonderfull | Reviewer: Cathrin | 10/10/2007

This song is so amasing, i'm going throug a breake up because he needed a breake, so this song is really a support to me...

Its a shame... | Reviewer: Kim | 9/25/2007

Great song, great voice, great sound but its a shame its all so similar to John Mayer. He'll get lost in the shuffle. Throaty breathy male singers are practically a dime a dozen.

5:19,,,wow | Reviewer: Kirst | 8/24/2007

I love this song, it sounds amazing, i love his voice, and i have felt like this before it felt like it was written for me! Thanks matt!


not shabby at all | Reviewer: desh | 8/6/2007

never heard of this bloke but i like the acoustic and song-subject. his voice is a bit weak in places but that's not to say he's bad. (4/5)

For your information | Reviewer: cathey | 6/29/2007

huh.. i reallly love this song,..
coz the meaning and the sound of the song is really fit.. and i can relate as well

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