PICTURESQUE | Reviewer: victoria | 6/17/09

That's pretty much the best adjective I can think to describe Matt Costa's music.

Undoubtedly, he has a very valuable gift capable of making an exquisite fusion of his beatiful voice and his abilities with the guitar.

I've discovered his music just by chance, since I'm Argentinian, and we don't really hear to the kind of music he as well as jack jhonson do. But if there's an undeniable fact to state, is that each and every one of Matt Costas's songs are enjoyable from beginning to end.

Thumbs up to this incredibly talentous guy and his pictursque music!

matt; amazing | Reviewer: love.matt | 12/30/08

i love matt costa.. he inspires me daily.
his music is very underrated, but i like itt that way because thatway, its all about the music. his songs make me very happy and he has a great personality.

Matt the man | Reviewer: Matt Litow | 6/13/07

signed with brushfire records as made by Jack Johnson and I believe his wife.... don't quote me on the wife part.... Matt Costa is friends with jack johnson and appears on a brokedown melody soundtrack as well as the lullabies and singalongs from the film curious george.... Matt Costa has a strong acoustic style which is mellow and at the same time fun and energetic. He manages to move all the way across the musical spectrum in that sense. Matt has a very natural voice and doesn't seem to put to much force on it with the exception of songs like cold december, Matt Costa is a great indie muscian and is more than worthy of listening to.

i love matt costa | Reviewer: olivia | 11/10/06

hes not very popular, but i think that everyone should hear his songs just to judge for yourself. he sings very good acoustic happy songs. similar to jack johnson in a way.

matt costa is very hott aswell :)