Bunny | Reviewer: Yolanda Miller | 9/15/11

I believe P. Miller is a inspiring man. I plan on starting a record label myself, and as we all know, there's alot of people saying It won't ever happen because, I'm from Cleveland. When they say that all I do is say "Look at Master P" thanks!!!!
"See you at the top P" and that's before Judgement Day I pray. Peace!

Your the Best | Reviewer: Savannah Hargrove | 11/21/08

I think that your song I miss my homies is a great song I did my song analysis on it and I love the song. I know how you feel when you lose your best friend or someone you really love that is caused by violence.

Get It Back going | Reviewer: Dezzy | 2/16/08

Well I ben A big fan from 99ways to die To No Limit greatest hits Im talking Bout It Bout mac your 2 Bother silk N c murder Fiend I know A lot of tham did what thay did but that thay loss N your Gin so what It do P get at me N get It back going

I love you Master P | Reviewer: yvonne street | 9/20/07

I wish you the best ever. I wish that the men here in Milwaukee had the go get it attitude. I am trying to teach my 18 year old son that nothing falls into you lap you have to go out and get it. Thanks for the motivation. Keep putting yourself out there and showing up at different functions because out kids need you.....much love

MAN U ARE THE BEST | Reviewer: Denislav | 8/11/07

What`s up man , u are the best ! will u make some new album or some concert in bulgaria ? i reaky want to see u on live ! Be cool \\//

I’m a gangsta my nine, I stay lookin good ...

The realist one!!! | Reviewer: RaShida | 8/6/07

Hi sweety I have been a big fane of your's for a long time an di just wanted to let you know that you still mean the worl to me and if I had the chance to say one thing to you it would be (I am truly gratul that you came out wet some of the things you came out wet like ,Best of Master P, I'm bout it , and Ghetto D) so I am still a fane of your's and well be for a good minute I love you Matere P and I hope you every good minute that you deserve!!!!!!

i realy admire you | Reviewer: ABUBAKAR SIDDIQUE IBRAHIM | 6/30/07

hello dear
i have taken the nick name master p coz i liked you sincve child hood and will like to contact you in any way i will like to dress like you behave like youn and live my life like you my master.i realy will like to hear from you my rolemodle.love you master p/

success | Reviewer: dela | 5/9/07

this no limit record really impressed me since my childhood lik master p and lil romeo .... dela frm south africa

Warning to bow wow | Reviewer: AMAM | 2/25/07

Master p has warned bow wow to stay away from his son lil Romeo.Meanwhile Romeo is not in good terms with bow wow.He got his new album dissing bow wow in it."You can't shyne like me".Go see the latest album of p.Ghetto bills.