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hul | Reviewer: BOBAN | 4/10/2008

helo pastor bether hi doing this is boban here in africa and a faithful saint loving serving God oh its wanderful to here how God transforms us for his goodness and sets us apart as his special people who a gonna be the salt and light of the world may God bless u.

EXCELLENT !!!! | Reviewer: LaShea | 12/31/2007

I was not only impressed with the message i was impressed with the messenger. I am new to ATL & went to service on 12/30/07 @ Dr. MB's church very pleasent crowd friendly mature mineded individuals. I come from a mega church in Norfolk, VA it is very hard to find show to step in the shows of a minister that you are looking for I believe GOD has directed to that minister her in ATL. He preached on sunday about forgiveness & he has taught me to let the neagative go & work on the stronger more positive things in life. MY Riches & My Glories....I enjoyed the one fact that everything he said was from his mouth NOTHING was written or read othe than the Good Book ....Very Articulate message i was very impressed & I am going back again tonight for New Years Eve Service

god can change anyone | Reviewer: sherri | 12/27/2007

hi i would just like to say that i am very proud of mase! mase obeyed my god and did what my god told him to do! the power of my god is so forceful that it can take over the worst sinner in the world! mase did not care what everyone was whispering and saying about him because he is under the power and the anointing of my god! people really need to quit trying to judge this young man and letting the devil decieve them to try and drag this man's name down,because people when you are doing that you are definatley going against god because you are messing with his child that is under his power! (AND MY GOD IS NOT HAVING THAT!)he will come to mase rescue and take care of all who is trying to deface his child! you people that are doing this really need to know that god had a calling on this young man's life from the beginnig, god knows all,he knew us before we ever came into existance(BELIVE IT!) god is great the most highest is he!he is alpha and omega beginning and the ending!so you people should realize who you are talking about! instead of talking about this young man, do what he is doing and obey god and give your life to him and live for him! stop following the temptation of the devil beacuse he is leading your soul straight to hell if you do not get it right!!! believe me people do not follow my words but heed his words that he shall return oneday, oh yes he is coming back and soon before you know! so are you gonna get your soul right? instead of living for satan you need to live for god or suffer in eternal damnation! alot of people do not like to talk about the ending because it scares them because they know that they are not living rigt and it scares them terribly,but one thing that you need to know is that my god is a loving god and he loves you no matter what you have done in your past, he forgives you,so go to him and give him a try,and i am one hundred percent sure that you will be glad that you did! msae i just would like to add continue staying under the anointing power of my god,continue to stay focused in his works and his will! and remember people no matter what the world is doing, or society is doing, do not let satan decive you into losing your soul eternally!(REMEMBER!!!!!)do not judge because you are judging god!get it right for yourself! you might say well she is not talking about me, but take a real good look at yourself, and say to yourself,am i the negative type? am i the one that is always judging someone else? do i always look at life and others in a negative way? if you really think about these questions and you answer yes to any of these questions,then you are not living for god,because god is not negativity,god is pure love!! so get it right people because he is coming!!!!!(REV 20:15)THEN I SAW A GREAT WHITE THRONE AND HIM WHO SAT ON IT,FROM WHOSE FACE THE EARTH AND THE HEAVEN FLED AWAY.AND THERE WAS FOUND NO PLACE FOR THEM.AND I SAW THE DEAD,SMALL AND GREAT,STANDING BEFORE GOD,AND BOOKS WERE OPENED.AND ANOTHER BOOK WAS OPENED,WHICH IS THE BOOK OF LIFE.AND THE DEAD WERE JUDGED ACCORDING TO THEIR WORKS,BY THE THINGS WHICH WERE WRUTTENIN THE BOOKS.THE SEA GAVE UP THE DEAD WHO WERE IN IT, AND DEATH AND HADES DELIVERED UP THE DEAD WHO WERE IN THEM.AND THEY WERE JUDGED,EACH ONE ACCORDINGTO HIS WORKS.THEN DEATH AND HADES WERE CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE. THIS IS THE SECOND DEATH. AND ANYONE NOT FOUND WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE WAS CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE.)TAKE HEED PEPOLE!!!! THESE ARE GOD'S WORDS NOT MINE!!!!

An Annointed Word | Reviewer: Tonee from Stone Mountain | 12/20/2007

A few weeks ago, I tuned in on the broadcast as I prepared to go to work. The Word of God was so rich! I thought, "Who is this guy?" The Word was
fundamentally sound, and a blessing to my soul. I've been tuning in to the broadcast ever since.
Perhaps I should add that I know/knew nothing of Mase.
It is only through accessing the pastor's web site that I learned of his former profession. How glad I am for the Body of Christ that Dr. Betha is
now an anointed minister of the gospel. I will continue to absorb and utilize the teachings I receive as I enjoy the broadcast each week day. Further, I pray that God continues to bless Dr. Betha and his family with every good and perfect gift, as he continues to minister An Anointed Word!

Gospels albums from sane | Reviewer: Emmanuel | 9/2/2007

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Albums from the S.A.NE Church | Reviewer: Emmanuel | 9/2/2007

Do you preach in new york.If so then can you tell me were the location is held.If you can help me out would be possilbe if you can get me in to the model fashion Industry.

judge not <<< ~alicia | Reviewer: alicia | 7/24/2007

I do not belive that we a in any position to judge" mase" because every one of us a humans,and every day of our live's has to fight temptation. Even if you have been saved from the day "ADAM WAS CREATED".(figue of speech.) SO let's stop passing judegment's like we are the perfect one's and " his just the devil with the blue dress on". because the fact is if it was not for the LOVE OF GOD we were all standing in the line with our BLACK PASSPORT'S, waiting forour flight to "HELL". SO JUDGE NOT. Why not pray for the young man and seek GOD'S face for him, and also his family. PAUL said the strong in faith should pray and help the weak in faith.So as saved floks do what's right and stop acting like the world by gossiping,and keeping vein conversation's THE WORLD IS LOOKING AT US TO BE EXAMPLES THEY CAN FOLLOW. THE DEVIL IS VERY WISE ALSO,Mase has been an icon in this wold for year's on the front page's of magasin's nearly every day,who's the best target to distract a whole population? the guy's the best. The devil is very inteligent.Because the guy got save did not mean that his life was perfect, he's got alot of battles to fight. But by the grace of god he will come out victorious. IF GOD BE FOR HIM WHO CAN BE AGANST HIM? AND WHAT SHALL SEPERATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD? IS THERE ANYTHING TO HARD FOR THE LORD?. YES he said that in the last day's there will be flase prophet's and lover's of MONEY more than love's of GOD, and they will dicive alot of people and that's true, but does that mean that everyone that get's saved in these present times we are living are dicivers? I belive that we need to pray togeather; because the bible say's that two will put ten thonsand to flight,so come on saints let's join our pray's and put satan's plan for MASE back in his face. MASE i wise you all the best and may GOD bless and guide you every step of the way.

Just Do It! | Reviewer: Greg | 5/26/2007

Hey..I dont know what this critics are going on about but Pastor Betha,Just Do It!God has destined U for greatness,you're unshakable,immovable,more than a conqueror...Just Do It,son of God

its amazing | Reviewer: kyanzi edmond | 5/18/2007

he is such awonderful man who has a passion for the young people to have apersonal relationship with the lord our savior through music and promotion of young upcoming gospel artists. may he keep up the good work with the help of the holy spirit.

Who is your Spiritual Father???? | Reviewer: Ruth | 5/5/2007

I remember when I was NOT saved, and I remember when Mase came on the scene. He had a "hip-hop" crowd who followed him.....but now that he is Pastoring......where did he come from spiritually. You cannot go fom "rapper" to "Preacher". How in the world can you lead people if you haven't been converted yourself? Holiness is the answer, NOT Worldliness. There should be a difference in clean and unclean, holy and unholy!
I believe Mase needs to sit and be trained under a real Man of God. He needed to be sent out. You can't call yourself to Pastor, you have to sent out by someone who has seen your labor, and your fruit. Paul was sent out to do the work of the Ministry!! There is a Man of God that comes on the Word Network at 3:00pm on Saturday's. His name is Prophet Owens. I want to recommend you to watch him one Saturday and he will bless you and change your life. GOd has allowed him to lead individuals to have a genuine relationship with the Lord by preaching Sound Doctrine, the TRUTH according to the Word of God.
I will be praying for you Mase. I pray God would give you an opportunity to allow yours and Prophet Owens path to cross...because he definately has something to pour into young men.
God bless you.

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