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thanks | Reviewer: cheryl | 9/11/07

I want to say thanks for blessing my daughter's soul by singing heaven and thanks for blessing me with yesterday. I use that song for my own personal testimony, because i cried my last tears yesterday. God bless and keep the faith.

shaniqua | Reviewer: Shaniqua Thompson | 5/22/07

hey my name is shanqua and you two are the best gosple group i ever saw and listen two thank because you two change my life

ilove all of yo music | Reviewer: destiny | 5/11/07

u know some thing like music keep me at church im only 12 years old and i love all of your music especially (heaven) and i uv u both my god keep on blessing u

Your Life Story | Reviewer: Lillian | 5/9/07

I want to know your life story. You see i love writting about other peoles life. I'm not doing a project i just want to get to know the real story on my favorite artist.

the artist and people that are mary mary | Reviewer: patricia | 4/19/07

Mary mary is a great inspiration and I cvan agree totally with what they are tryin 2 do with gospel. There music I bumping but also ahs a positive message and a lot of people fail 2 acknowledge that u don't need negative images 2 define who u are or 2 promote urself. I jus recently stared listening 2 gospel and I am officially addicted to mary mary and other artists as well. Keep doing wat u are doin and others will follow. Live good and god bless.

Yvette Israel | Reviewer: Yvette Israel | 3/25/07

my name is yvette from NJ,mary mary is my favorite singers in the world. My favorite song is incredible

Mary Mary | Reviewer: Perla Felton | 1/25/06

Mary Mary is a gospel group that does a wonderful job sending out the word. They encourage people to spread the word.

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