Lovely song, how partnership should look like | Reviewer: Africano | 1/24/13

Oh man this song is great & should be listened to instead of what is widely published ..
Marvin Gaye is a great singer & the song is great lyric & music as well , I recommend it for all ages specially the youth who know how partnership should look like ..

Best track ever | Reviewer: Missy | 8/2/12

I make sure i listen to this song everyday of my life... It's one song i cant spend a day without listening to. Must admit its the best song ever would most definatly go mad if i dont listen to it,Much Love:) ... Rest In Peace Marvin Gaye,will always be in my mind and thoughts!

Christy 06/01/2011 | Reviewer: Christiana | 6/1/11

Sexual Healing is my best tract, the tract brings me back to live, it makes me happy whenever i listen to it, i used it as a ringtone, i have made it a point of duty to listen to the tract before going to bed.
No correction at all.

Rest in peace Marvi i miss U
continue to rest in perfect peace with the Lord.

yeah | Reviewer: GILBERT | 3/11/11

As far as i'm concern, i think sexual healing is one of the best track that i love so far for my areas of music, i have three phones, and i use sexual healing for all the singing tune. Know part of this song left behind, marvin gaye is one of the best artis that i love. Keep it up marvin

one of the best oldies ive heard | Reviewer: kevin | 5/17/06

this song bring back memories of when i was six im only 14 now but still the memories are good and this has always been a good song that should live in all our hearts forever

rap | Reviewer: rena | 4/24/06

isnt there a part that someone rap in it after the 2nd verse??? because i dont see it here..i really like that part..

Booty Call | Reviewer: Lydia | 2/13/05

I used to have this song as a ringtone on my phone, and when my friend with benifits would call, that song would play. I thought it was pretty funny!! ; )