Another thought... | Reviewer: DJ1950 | 10/1/13

I think the song is about a mother who is being abused by her alcoholic husband. Their child, a girl of 8 years, leaves the house to escape the tension by going to the Fourth of July fair. When she returns home, the house is on fire. BOTH parents die! It is the mother's Independence Day--free of the abuse. As for the lline "Let the weak be strong; let the guilty pay" refers to the weaker mother who is her husband's punching bag and the guilty pay...well, dad dies and so does mom! They both pay in the end. Unfortunately, the child ends up in the orphanage and she lives her life in the shadow of her father's abuse. What a tragedy!

Let The Right Be Wrong | Reviewer: MJ | 12/11/11

This is a powerful song. The line "let the right be wrong"
could signify that it's time for the victim to be "right."
She's so tired of the abuse, for doing things that the abuser
deems "wrong," although there is never a reasonable explanation
for the abuse. The abuser is "right" and the victim is always "wrong."

It's up to all of us to help put an end to abuse.
"Let the right be wrong."

been there | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/11

I'm a mother who had to send my children to visit there father because the court says they have to have visitation with them...even tho they had reported abuse to the school counselor and I had spoken to the courts about it. It wasn't until he had gotten so physical with one daughter that she ended up in the emergency room that something was finally done. I understand why the mother did what she did...I was close to it.

On Many Levels | Reviewer: Vinny S. | 7/9/11

This is a powerful song. Music is my passion and I sometimes perform. Every year, this song is part of my short Independance Day medley. I've sung it a hundred times and it still chokes me up. Watching the video never fails to bring tears. I too don't get the "let the right be wrong" line. I'll sometimes use "let the left be wrong", being the fiscal conservative that I am. Does anybody know the history of the lyrics? Is the song part of the author's history? Did Martina write it? If it's factual, it must have been awfully painful to put it to words.

racist political idiot | Reviewer: Paul | 5/15/11

I cannot believe you would back AIM after you protested them Warner Music you are a bunch of snobs lying through your black stoockholding souls The song was changed because you lifted a verse White Dove etc.

I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/10

I lived in a abusive relationship in Florida. I am not his first victim and I am not his last. He has a 30 year history in two other states. He goes to court on Nov. 9th, 2010. He is getting off because I had to move far away and cannot testify in person. The State will not help me to come and testify. I think of this song so many times and will now be singing it at Kareoke in his honor.

Great song....brave singer! | Reviewer: MVD | 6/26/10

This song is for those who get the message....if you don't,then zip it!!...Martina is a great singer and a better person for highligting the dangerous route some are forced to take, to protect themselves/loved ones against domestic violence. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS WRONG!!...Well done!

wrong sounding lyric | Reviewer: richard geraci | 3/20/10

the line after... let the weak be strong, sounds nothing like,... let the right be wrong... ITS SOUND MORE LIKE... let the hard be wrong, or let the heart belong. I once heard a chorus sing the lyrics, and i believe they sang (softly and understandably) let the heart belong!!! Do you agree!!!!

It's a good song..too bad songman doesn't get it! | Reviewer: Darryl | 11/24/09

I'm a guy who can relate to domestic violence (I've witnessed it and stopped it!)Songman I'd pity you but It would fall on ingnorant, close minded ears! Lets see what YOU would do if you were abused day in and day out, in the day where speaking out about domestic violence was taboo, in a small town where everyone knows each other AND the whole attitude was the man is right and the women is wrong. I think you would do the same thing! I guess songman you weren't taught by your parents "If you have nothing nice to say DON"T SAY ANYTHING!

I am a guy and I like to sing this at karaoke | Reviewer: Big Richard | 8/28/09

I like to sing this song at karaoke. I am male and can hit the high notes on the chorus. I learned of this song on Sean Hannity and it is neat. The girls love to sing along with me and then after I sing it they want me to dance with them.

love this song | Reviewer: jane doe | 4/2/09

The song is not about murder it's about self- defense I've lost someone to domestic abuse who reported it and was still abused, there are situations where u have to kill or be killed and some people are not so lucky. This song is so beautiful because of its message.

For the girls | Reviewer: Shayleah | 3/18/09

I agree with ya, Linda. I'd want my mother to do the same...I know i would. This song shows how hard it can be for a woman in a small town who is being me; it's hard.
I love this song, its a great way to show that independance isn't necessarily a wonderful, liberating experience, it's painful.

Song | Reviewer: Curtis Warren | 7/3/08

Great song--only thing that ruins it is the fact that conservative crazy Sean Hannity has the nerve to use it for his radio show's theme. The song is about domestic abuse Sean, not international terrorism!

songman wrongman | Reviewer: Linda | 1/10/08

Guess you've never lived it, songman. Kill or be killed. What would you want your mom or sis to do? Whatever you would want them to do, you probably wouldn't find out about it until it was too late. Bummer. If you really are interested in finding out the truth, volunteer at your local women's shelter. Oh, and it's not just men vs. women. Works both ways, believe it or not.

I love this song!!! | Reviewer: anna | 12/4/07

I think that this song is BEAUTIFUL!!! songman should zip his/her lips because the song is about a little girl who ran away to the fair on independance day. Her parents were fighting. She finally went home to discover that (out of defence) the mother set the house on fire. The dad dies and the mom goes to jail, so she is sent to an orphanage. Its not promoting violence, its sending an important message.