Great Song! | Reviewer: Julie | 10/23/07

I think that this song is great because there are alot of women who are being abused or who have been before and most of them fear for their lives. I think that songman should be quiet because he doesn't know what he's talking about!
I'm sure there have been women who have reported the abuse to authorities but even that doesn't always work. There are a lot of dangerous men out there. Yeah murder is wrong, but if you really fear for yourself and you are trying to defend yourself and it comes out to that, I say better them than you.

love this song | Reviewer: BMW | 9/28/07

I love Martina McBride.She is a wonderful singer.She has a good singing range!Honestly I dont know how she hits those high notes and holds them out!She does a good job though!I love this one's for the girls better though!

whatever | Reviewer: songman | 8/24/07

This song is a joke! For assault - murder is recommended. Martinas a millionaire who tells us it's okay to kill. Making a small child independant by killing the father is a horrible message. I wish singers would only write about THIER OWN EXPERIENCES. Maybe it's empowering to think you can kill your oppressor, when you should of called authorities at the FIRST SIGN OF ABUSE. Teach the girls that burning the house down is freedom and more violence is okay. Stupid sad country songs are for people who don't get it in the first place. Please write about first hand emotions and not what homeless children and abusive parents should do.

Beautiful song | Reviewer: jen | 7/25/07

Such a beautiful, inspirational song. Rock on forever, Martina! And I'm a McBride too! Yay!

Independence Day!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Alison Brandt | 6/30/07

Love the song its very beautiful and I feel bad for the little kids who daddy's drink.

tears | Reviewer: Rachel Jones | 4/3/07

This song has a lot of meaning. it makes a lot of sence with today's world, that is the way the world is becoming.I love the SONG.

Independence Day Review | Reviewer: Timothy J. Gonzalez | 7/23/04

One of the most awesome songs I've ever heard!! Great job, Martina!!