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im all for mars volta! | Reviewer: yesenia munoz from waukegan IL | 9/20/07

well i got ot say i love these guys. the first time iheard them i was with my boyfriend in the bed of his pickup. he put the cd on and told me to listen closely. i was so amazed on how different this sounded. i esepecially fell in love with the drummer. hes awesome! i love there spanish lyrics as well. the cd played all night since we were to lazy to change it. i didnt get annoyed by it at all. i still listen to it today. i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best band ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

I ran into Inertiatic ESP in November '06, and I've been hooked ever since. These guys are quite simply amazing, and i very highly reccomend them to anyone willing to take a listen

The Mars Volta rocks | Reviewer: Jason | 6/11/07

I first heard of the Mars Volta in 2005, when I listened to one of their songs on a friend's ipod (The Widow, I believe it was). I thought they sucked, cause the song was really weird, but then I ran into one of their songs sometime in October '06: Inertiatic ESP. Since then I've been hooked on the Mars Volta. For me, I have to get past how strange their songs are, but once I do, they're unbelievable. Each time I hear a new song from them, my mind explodes. Their lyrics just blow me away. I especially like the "Roulette Dares" songs... the lyrics are just so amazing.

I'm hoping I can see them live sometime.

amazing | Reviewer: Jakob | 4/1/07

when a first heard mars volta i didnt know what to say because the music was so fast and to technical, but since then i have grow to love them and they are withought a doubt my fave band. When i saw them live in Brisbane last month it changed my life, i can honistly say it the was the most amazing moment of my life so far and if you ever get the chance to see them i strongly recomend that you do.

The Mars Volta | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/07

I have been a fan of The Mars Volta since 2003 and I love all of De-Loused in the Comatorium, Frances the Mute, A Missing Chromosome along with the Tremulent EP and Demos. However, I really do not find interest in (all of) Amputechture (with all respect to those who love/like it), it just seems so different. They've changed and thats not why I fell in love with TMV. I really, really hope their next album will have more of their old influences from De-Loused and Frances instead of making another Amputechture.

wow | Reviewer: D-2 | 3/26/07

Well I really dont know what to say About them.If you like to understnd the shaking filling you git when you are nervus.than you will understand these guys.I listen to this band when I fill sad or just to be freaked out in some way than you really odor this bad.potieuyruirpwituityowiuyriotoiu

the Led Zepplin of our generation | Reviewer: cheryl pattee | 3/22/07

The Mars Is the most Amazing band in the world I think They are the only original band of my generation and will influence Generations of music to come. If Led Zepplin went jazz instead of blues they would have Been An Early Mars Volta
P.S Play More Shows In Atlanta Mabey with Wide spread Panic after boonaru in south HAven

Awesome band! | Reviewer: BM | 1/18/06

I love this band. Very new and technical.

SCABDATES! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/06

Okay so I realize that most people hate the mars volta. That's fine and I respect the honesty, esp. seeing as I think a lot of their "fans" are just jumping on the bandwagon.

But who am I to say.

Anyways, I just bought this CD finally.
And I am blown away!
I have been told by just about everyone that they suck live, that cedric uses pitch perfection in the studio (a lot of people do, but i guess he truly needs it? I dunno), that it sounds like omar plays with hot dogs taped to his fingers (even from at the drive in era).
And I highly doubt that they'd release their worst sounding show on album, but with all this shit aside....
I really do enjoy it! In fact it blows me away. I for one hate live albums, but this creates such a different, mind blowing atmosphere. Yes, sometimes Cedric sounds like a screeching weasel on speed (which isn't all that bad, considering it kinda fits into the puzzle), and yes, sometimes Omar gets a bit sloppy (the rest of the band sounds fine tuned and great). But I think it all works together. Besides. No one ever claimed they were the most talented human beings in the world, right? (I sure hope not).

I was scared to ever spend the money to go see them live, but now I know I MUST! I am amazed that any band has turned me onto a live album, or been able to transcend a whole atmosphere through remote stereo speakers.

Anyways, highly reccommended.

Give some respect | Reviewer: Joe | 8/1/05

These guys are amazing. If you can play the weirdest shit and noises fast and make it sound like music, its a power only a god can have. Frances the Mute was even weirder and crazier than De-loused, but I listen to it everyday, its so damn good. Most of my friends think they suk, because they understand the point their trying to make. If you can get past the weird shit that they do every so often, you can admire them almost as much as Zeppelin and the Stones.

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