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Performed by Mars Volta

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Mars Volta, and the stuff beeing written | Reviewer: Per Sindre Larsen | 7/21/05

Mars Volta are great indeed. When it comes to "moody" music, like people earlier described it you should check out the band "Madrugada" too. Their album "Industrial Silence" is great, and if you like something abit "noisier" try their album "Grit".

The Widow is wonderful.

At THe Drive In | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/05

This is a really good band. They used to be called At The Drive In. If you like this song check out the song "One Armed Scissor"

Very dismal and strong. Still retains the Mars Volta voltage. | Reviewer: Nico | 3/26/05

very dark and strong in it's statement.
I think it's aobut a woman who has an abusive husband who smokes clove and isn't dying fast enough from it. "... he just makes me warm" he only keeps me warm and nothing else. she cannot get rid of him becasue she wont leave him. Why? she has no answer, and has no shame. She is a Widow becasue she really has no happieness in her marriage, and she prays to the Lord for death. this is what the title inplies.

Sick | Reviewer: Chelle | 3/12/05

I LOVE it!!! This song is a masterpiece!

Deep and brilliant! | Reviewer: Drew | 3/11/05

Best song I've heard in a few years. Lots of textures, tortured lyrics, deep, soulful notes. Very impressive, I will definitely lokk at previous releases from this group.

sexy, yet sinister... yet sincere. | Reviewer: evan | 3/7/05

Mars Volta can't really be beat for great mood music being made today. i think that they are in the same league with greats like pink floyd. "the widow" is probably my favorite song on the cd because it is so powerful, but the album is playable from beginning to end. If you haven't heard this album, it is almost a continuous loop of music, often times lacking vocals for over 10 minutes. The effects are cool as hell and i hear a variety of instruments throughout the album, from keyboards and synths to guitars and bass to cowbells and various brass horns and woodwinds. All of this makes for a hell of a trip that will compliment everything from smoke sessions to a relaxing night with the girl.

Great song | Reviewer: Stellar | 2/10/05

This is the first, I've heard of this band. Great song, I also know there touring with one of my favorites, A Perfect Circle. So, they get mad props from me :)

a lot more than a song: bringing back the story | Reviewer: Tom | 1/13/05

there is much more to be said about this song than "it's a nice song to listen to." not that it isnt, but this song is communicating: a story. the last cd took us to a place where a man travels through his subconscious after an attempted suicide and finally his death. when i first heard the song, it embraced me. when i read the lyrics i was given a vivid imagry. this cd will be much more than phenomenal and the release of this song (story) is a great introduction to an amazing tale. i hope you agree with me and please enjoy.

the widow review tmv | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/05

really really good song...a bit short compared to the rest of the album... but really a nice song to listen to. 10/10

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