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Performed by Mars Volta

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No, no, no | Reviewer: Frances | 6/20/10


(this album is most definitely not G-rated, particularly L'Via and Cassandra Gemini)

This song is the beginning of Frances the Mute, a concept album that tells the story of Vismund Cygnus, a chain-smoking transvestite prostitute orphan with a split personality (his other identity is female, Cassandra Gemini). This song basically introduces him. In Cedric's bizarre style of lyricism (in which he purposely removed anything that might possibly be too straightforward), he's basically introducing the main character and his goals: mainly to find his family. (The first family member he finds is L'Via L'Viaquez).

-- This is the common opinion found on The Comatorium.

Cosmic Battle | Reviewer: bob barker | 3/19/10

I have to somewhat agree with the statement of TMV fighting off the armageddon, saw their set at Bonnaroo last year and at one point the sky grew dark and parted and they did battle with behemoth, banishing it once again into the abyss saving the galaxy from an eternity of torment...

Then again, the concert crowd was swimming in an acidic haze...

Still sucks Thomas Pridgen is no longer in the band, he is definitively the best drummer i've ever seen..

The real reason behind the song | Reviewer: Johnny O | 2/22/10

I read this in an interview a long time ago. The whole Frances the Mute album is from a journal that their former bass player (who died) found in the back seat of a vehicle that he was repossessing while working as a repo man. He found that this man's journal mirrored his life and his quest to find his birth mother as he was an adopted child. The songs are inspired by the people that this man came into contact with during his quest to find his mother. (kinda sucks that he lost his journal... but made a cool CD huh?). This whole song is him being an unwanted child ie: "Now this train don’t lie
An abortion that survived..." I wish I could remember where I read the interview, it may have come from Rolling Stone magazine.

I dont agree with below interpretation. | Reviewer: Ruairi | 1/25/10

Pretty sure this songs not about whatever lays ahead of us in 2012, but rather a man's search for his family and the terrible circumstances surrounding his birth. Or maybe that singer from TMV knows something of great importance to us all? Ooh yeah, CBZ is the messiah and he and Omar's band of heroic muso's are going to use their powers to deflect the earth away from a black hole located in the swan constellation. Don't confuse good musicians with saviors. Besides, Cedric can be a twisted c**t with his lyrics, y'know, he doesn't make them 'safe'.

Cygnus 2012 ref | Reviewer: ~D~ | 5/11/09

Theses lyrics refer to the Cygnus star constellation and the "cosmic cross", which is speculated all later cross symbolism owes its linage. Cygnus was important to ancient shamanic and early presumerian religion. its been proposed that shamans deduced the cosmic rays from Cygnus flares that penetrate the earths surface were seen by shamans or priests in absolute darkness of caves which later led to temple mounds. Cygnus when viewed from earth appears to be in the dark rift of the milky weigh, it's center. where in 2012 we will pass very near. speculated that during this astronomical event mankind will experience extraordinary events as profisised by the ancient Olmec Maya and Hopi Indians of the Americas, of biblical,apocalyptic proportions. the dark rift is thought by astronomers to possibly be a super-massive black hole, and was also thought to be the entrance to the heavens/underworld and galactic womb from whence the earth emerged.

references to lakes of blood probably refer to biblical 'revelations' or related to the calamity proposed by Indian myths. and give me the womb lyrics refers to the death/evolution of mankind that will supposedly occur during our passing through the center of the galaxy.

Wow | Reviewer: Gina | 3/21/09

When i first heard of TMV is was Asilos Magdalena. I love their unique sound and everytime i hear them they just seem to brighten up my day =] no matter of song, just the brilliance of music composed in such a way. well thanks for the lyrics. Have a good one =]

Julia?? | Reviewer: Enrique Page | 3/16/08

I'm sorry but i can't seem to understand what you're saying... you say that every single archive you download of that song hasn't the Facilis Descernus Averni part??
Cause the lyrics here are complete.. i assure you..
well if what i just said was right, then you can mail me and i'll give you the full song. since I've got it.. bye

Where is the rest? | Reviewer: Julia | 12/5/07

I've searched a ton of different archives and every single one (including this one) have the first movement of Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus, but the other movements are left out. Why? I just want the lyrics to the Facilis Descernus Averni part!

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