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------ performed by Maroon 5

i love this song | Reviewer: | 12/11/2007

it's just lovely. you listen to the lyrics and you just calm down, i get a picture in my head and its so nice, it makes me want the things theyre talking about. it's such a lovely song though:).

pretty song | Reviewer: Ricardo | 10/5/2007

This song is so romantic and deep. My girlfriend loves this song. And me too, it talks about love and good things...I'm feel better...

awesomeness | Reviewer: Jimmy Morris | 4/25/2006

this song is one of my favorites it is so calm and soothing and really makes you think you can hear the passion in their voices. I love Maroon 5!!!!!!!!!!1

Maroon5 | Reviewer: | 2/28/2005

Take some pretty weird lyrics, a strange video, and some 20-30 something guys and you get MAROON5! This song is really great for those whom like maroon5.In my oppinion Britney Spears could use a lesson from these artists. And anyways whats up with their name... how did it cometo be and why maroon5?

the best | Reviewer: sriram | 1/5/2005

I think that she will be loved is the best song I have ever heard in a very very long time.Maroon 5 rules.There is so much passion in his voice and this song is definitely for all those guys who never stopped trying.
She will be loved

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