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Performed by Maroon 5

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Aw3soMe sOnG | Reviewer: Sarah K. | 3/16/05

I love this song. It's so deep and it explains everything perfectly. I love the way there music sounds. When I listen to this song, I don't want it to end. There's just something about it... I like!


Luv diz song | Reviewer: Sam | 1/21/05

i totally love this song, itz beautiful absolutely beautifull..
theyr songs r so intense these lines r grt to use..."wanna make u feel beautiful!"...hehe

Shivering.... | Reviewer: RGF1® | 8/29/04


I've got this song from my ex girlfriend..
She really loves this song and wanted me to listen to it..
Some lines make me shiver.. really touching..
Maybe things will be allright between us someday.. :)

melly's review | Reviewer: melly | 8/11/04

Hey i absolutely love the song She Will be Loved!
It is so cool, i just can't stop listening to it.

An ABSOLUTE Touching Song!!! | Reviewer: Krissy | 8/10/04

this song is fantastic!! i cannot stop listening to it. the beat n the words go along great! i can NEVER say goodbye to this song! it has to be one of maroon 5's greatest hits! love ya maroon 5!!


Mad Arse | Reviewer: Searz | 8/9/04

i havnt actuall heard the song but my friend was singing it and it has absolutely gorgeous lyrics, once again a top job, love you maroon 5
xx searz xx

one of the best two | Reviewer: iko | 8/1/04

"She Will Be Loved" is one of the best songs I heard in the album, beside "Sweetest Goodbye". The lyric is quite simple, about one man`s love to a woman who is hard to reach. I remember what Troy (Ethan Hawke`s Reality Bites) said about the woman he loved: "I love her, and everbody love her. She broke my heart but I still love her." I think they have the similar theme. Anyway, the music is also fascinating, Maroon 5 has perfectly combined two different style of music into one good soul.

This song will be loved (pun intended) | Reviewer: Jared | 7/20/04

Definitly a top 10 hit, amazing vocals. Once again, Maroon 5 will storm the nation with this amazing Soul meets R'n'B classic.

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