Fan | Reviewer: Jessy Vogler | 12/29/12

Excuse me Maroon 5 I'm a really huge fan of Maroon 5 and I was wondering when is Maroon 5 going to play down town in St.Louis Missouri? Because I would love to see you guys perform Maroon 5 is my idol and you guys are my favorite band ever please comment back thankyou very much for your time(:

OMG!!! I TOTALLY LOVE YOU GUYS!! | Reviewer: Monica :) | 3/4/09

hi, i am monica, ana 12-13 years old and i live in malta!!!!!!! i absalutly love you guys and when you came to play in malta ... live in 2007 i BEGGED my perents like hell to go!! i know all your songs by heart even little of your time (and that song is very fast!!) i got your otograph from my friend, and your friend Sabrina, when you came to malta and i still have it today!! well if i have promised my self 1 thing in my life is that when i am aloud to get a tatto i will jet one exacly like the one Adam had on his sholder on his left arm!!!
amd i wish to meet you guy some day ssssssssssooooooooooo bad!!!! love you guys like hell lots and lots and lots ect... of love monica :p

Final Performance World Tour Sydney Acer Arena | Reviewer: PAUL Johnston | 4/5/08

My 15 year old daughter dragged my crusty 43 year old ass to this gig and it was so good at times I felt like screaming like an hysterical teenager myself. Any impression I had of Maroon 5 being a cutesy pop outfit was obliterated . Guitar heaven without the wank. Up there with Jeff Buckley at the Metro for witnessing enormous talent.

a true review | Reviewer: Vixi | 12/17/07

I have loved this band eva since they released thier first single and no every word to every song on their first album, thier music is amazing, however the second album is not as good
its more soft, and not as rocky. You should have spent longer on it....sorry, but its still good i couldnt have done what you guys have achived in a million years.
lv ya x x

fan girl? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/07

i've never been one before. i feel that i'm a bit too old for that[ 21? ]. at first i really didn't like their music, but after hearing their music [i'm thinking WAKE UP CALL] on insane high rotation, it definitely grows on you. now i can't hear this song without breaking out into impromptu dance routines. maroon 5, you make stocking shelves fun!

i luv ur musik | Reviewer: Rosie bilson | 12/11/07

hey maroon 5 i love ur song wont go home with out you its such a nice song the first time i heard it it took my breath away

Maroon 5 4ever!! | Reviewer: MAROON.... | 11/5/07

I didn`t like this band so much,but when I heard songs from their new album....It`s great,fantastic!!Those guys are sooooo cool,and Adam is something special...He has beautiful voice and unbeliveable smile!!Guys-just go on making so good music,and please come in Serbia to make a concert..And fans-keep loving Maroon5!!! Love ya, Daria.....

A-D-A-M L-E-V-I-N-E 4ever!!!!!! | Reviewer: Katerina | 10/13/07

I've listening to their music for two years and I'amazed by it!!!It just sounds so different from all the others!!!I love both Songs "About Jane" and "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" very much!!!You guys are perfect!!!Especially you Adam!!!!!!You're so handsome, charming and sexy!!!!!!!!I love you!!!!!!!

WOW!!! | Reviewer: Ryan | 9/21/07

Ya know.....recently, I've been on this thing about expanding my horizons in music and my friend just happened to introduce me to Maroon 5. They are awesome!!!! They have a great sound and they put a twist on rock that makes everyone want to listen to it. It's a real change up from all the screaming. They should keep the tunes coming and never change their style. As of now, Maroon 5 is the future of music!!!!

About the band/music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

They are a great band with great music and their latest album is the best out right now!!!!

OUTSTANDING!!! | Reviewer: Milly | 7/2/07

I love this band, It is DEFENATLY my favorite... GREAT work guys, keep the music coming!!! I look forward to many years of listening pleasure.

different band, but good | Reviewer: rockon | 6/27/07

I've just now started liking Maroon 5 because I had never heard of them before I saw them on Saturday night Live. I just thought, wow these guys are really good. So I went out and bought It WOn't Be Soon Before Long and I love their stuff. It sounds way different, but it's really good. It's a nice change from some of the other bands I listen to.

Lyrical Geniuses, anyone? | Reviewer: Brittany | 6/18/07

When it comes down to it, an artist can sound pretty and look pretty but not know dittily squat about what they are singing. Maroon 5 is different. The lyrics they sing mean something. They were written by the artist with raw emotion and perfected style. They have a universal quality to their lyrics that's hard to find in this day and age. I wish the best for them and, if it's not too much, a rockin' concert too.

wow... | Reviewer: michelle | 3/17/05

First of all, Maroon 5 is by far the greatest band. The songs are AWESOME! Adam's voice is so different...but in a GREAT way. That is why i love them so much. I'm sick of all these other artists who sound like each other...they all sound the same on the radio. But then when Maroon 5 comes on it's like, hey...I know who sings this. Yea... they are the best. I listen to them everyday. My favorite song by them, by the way, is She Will Be Loved, they sound amazing.(sigh)

Amazing!!! | Reviewer: judith | 1/6/05

i think it isn't important how they look's their music which is so great!!! I think it's very stupid to say:" they are so sexy!!!"
but i think i can't change this people...:D
I say they are so amazing because their music is so great and not because they look "so sexy"!!!