Whoa! | Reviewer: April Boyer | 11/6/10

I love this song. The first time I heard it, I really got into the beat of it and wanted to hear it again and again. Now, I read the lyrics that reveal it's true lyrics. A lot of profanity- I'm surprised they'd even play it on the radio. I never realized how bad the lyrics were. Oh, well, still a great song and I can't help but to sing along.

wow this song is for me | Reviewer: aubrey lynbernasol | 1/20/10

this song truly fits what im going through now.
This is an eye opener
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Makes me wonder.. | Reviewer: Alana | 4/13/08

This song describes my love life at the moment.
my boyfriend isn't giving me the time of day
but he's the one who doesn't have the reason or time..
and it makes me wonder if i ever gave a f- about him

theres more to it! | Reviewer: MATT-U | 4/8/08

i think this song is more than a one night stand and getting a hang over. i think it has a political meaning...idontknow how or why but just somthing in it thats sscreams political confusion!

MATT-U [mathiew lucas or matt OR mack]
{this was actually writin by frankie =D]

what the fuck.... damn b, this the shit. | Reviewer: pro | 12/7/07

Singing this song all this damn time, i never tought there were some much cursing, but it's on point. one time foe maroone. YO!!!!

sure made me surprised | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/07

oh my gosh. i didn't realize there was so much cussing in here. i really like the beat and everything but i couldn't ever really hear all the words. i was surprised they hid all the cussing so well.

Wake up to yourself | Reviewer: Jamason | 9/26/07

The dude has a hangover, had a one night stand, and can't be bothered to get da girl back. He isn't sure if it was the alchole what made him wat sent him on da one night stand, "And so this is goodbye." But that is just life isn't it?

cool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/07

what is the song saying besides i dont believe in you? i like the chorus part the best.wish the cursing wasnt in there but other than that cool song!

loved it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/07

i loved this song i went to the much musci video awards and saw them the lead singer is sooooo cute maroon 5 rocks

good song | Reviewer: wida | 7/16/07

i know that's this song is for a couple that had a "bored" time but don't know how to separated.but i think the soud of this music are up-beat and it's not right b'coz it's about a broken heart. and ussually identic with mellow sound.