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Performed by Mark Schultz

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Carry Me | Reviewer: RM | 12/20/08

This song always lifts and touches my heart when I'm hurting. Having lost family, friends, love and opportunities, this song reaches in to my soul right to that ache. It always reminds me of my Saviors Faithfulness and LOVE that surpasses any earthly love we could ever know. He is always with me, always beside me, always protecting and loving me. He promises to make good the bad in life, and will work all things for the Good. If your walking through the fire or are in the middle of a storm in your life. Look up! Look to Jesus Christ and reach out for Him! Decide to believe in Him. And if you hold to him and have faith you'll find out that He will NEVER disappoint you! There is no other Love Like His Love!

He always there for me to carry me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/08

this song hits me everytime i hear it. it lifts me up. because when im hurt i know i can find God to carry me through the troubles i have. this song is so good for someone who needs help or something that is going wrong with there life.!!!

He is Faithful | Reviewer: Gail | 8/6/08

This song goes through my head frequently as I live with terminal disease and have lost everything: my children, my health, my career, my home... It's okay though; God is with me and I am ready for the beauty and glory of heaven to impart the rest I will find there. It has been a very long battle, but I am finishing the race victorious in the Lord, ready and hopeful. He is so close now, and His love carries me through each day. I am often physically weak, and I look to Jesus knowing, "He will carry me." This song has a wonderful message of promise and truth.

amazing song | Reviewer: dalton-elizabeth | 3/16/08

this song hits somewhere for me..its amazing and i pretty much cry everytime i hear it! im 16..and everyone knows that teenqagers have it pretty rough..and being a teenage Christian makes a lil harder..but there are so many of us willing to do it because we love God and this song reminds of how no matter what i'm are going through He's always gunna be there for me..and He' always going to protect and watch over me! i love Mark Schultz!

Amazing Reminder | Reviewer: Debra | 3/14/08

Definitely inspired words coming from one so young. Life hurts sometimes. It is refreshing to be reminded in such a beautiful way that Jesus is the One who promised to "never leave [us] or forsake [us]." He stood with the three young Isrealites in the fire. He promises strength to "walk through the flood and not be overcome, walk through the fire and not be burned, mount up with wings as eagles." The Savior and shepherd of our hearts carries us with Him - straight to the Father's throne! Hallelujah!!

great song! | Reviewer: joy | 7/26/05

awesome song! it is so encouraging!

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