im recommending its nice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/14

Ooh mario! Wat a charmin voice, ur one of d artist i admire most. U shud let mi lov u has brought joy n hapines to my lover!! EARNEST NJOXY MKANDAWILLY IS MY NAME FROM AFRICA MALAWI

Memories | Reviewer: Beatz | 9/17/10

This song u can listen to 1million times and still feel the lyrics talk to you. Brings back memories, this is what true R&B is and should remain to be..not the crap nowadays. the meanings in the songs are gone today. true love still lives.

Let Me Love You Rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

I think this song is the best. I wonder why people dont know who mario winans is he is an amazing singer. Everyone should know who he is. Me and my friend are obsessed with him. WE LOVE YOU MARIO!!!!!!
- Janelle

wonderful | Reviewer: lee | 6/26/07

as you guys can see,this song rally mind us that there are always girls for us to care and love

from CHINA

Just Good | Reviewer: Nattanan Luesha | 4/6/07

man , this song is very comfortable to listen and i has sing this song to my GF and she reply me "Let me love you too ?" man,that's good memory for me with this song. sry for bad eng!

TOUCHING | Reviewer: MAOPA ,from FIJI | 5/6/05

Gosh..i just love this song..It's a kinda song written by someone whose been noticing ,how badly your boyfriend has been treating you and wants to warn you about it..what the world needs right now are guys with this kind of attitude...Thanx MARIO for giving us girls,hope, that there are still some better guys outthere!