MARIO,do u possibly know how good u look?? You so fine its amazein I luv u sooo much keep doin wat u do and keep the sexi goin.And I love when u on t.v. wow yo face everything yo style iz off da hook.And I love the blue -N- white u be rockin those is my colors.I don know how I'll be able to stop typin right now LOL!! I've got 1million posters a u in my room u look so good, i even drew a picture a u (yes I can draw, dance, and sig so I got talent). I know alot about u u so cool my lil brotha look up 2 u even though he wont addmit it. I luv u so much keep it real okay!!!! bye!! O yea and i missed u 4rm the Destiny child tour ok bye

o sorry 4 got | Reviewer: aalaysha | 11/25/05

I know all the wordz to yo songz 2 off yo new album itz hot. My favorite song iz directions yo songz are so sweet and when u sing em u do it like u mean it and i luv dat.Dang where can i find a man like u??LOL okkk 4 real now i gots ta go so bye sexi

mario is hot | Reviewer: arezou | 7/29/05

heyyy mario

you singING FANTASTIC YOUR VOICE makes me happy...
keep IN touch


i love mario | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/05

who ever wrote the lyrics is great keep up the good work

OMG I LOVE YOU MARIO U R DA BOMB BOY! | Reviewer: joanna | 6/19/05

omg mario i lobe you ur da bomb
i absolutely love your song let me love you and cant get enough of it everytime i hear it me n my boy always sing along we absolutely love it
please please come to adelaide again coz i didnt get a chance to come and see you when u came with destinys child
with love

yeah,,,,.... dam | Reviewer: nora | 5/18/05

i don't....have no word for you man but hot...keep up....i love at my dram came true if you take me out.... damn i can always...dream no chance...
anyways bro take at easy ok... i love you so i will die for you to dam you are my sun shine in my life.... i wirte a songe for at will came out on 2006 i hope very soon........ bye talke care of you self
luv from nora

Sexy Mario | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/05

He's so sexy. N yes tha person who wrote tha biography i mean that is crap. Hey Mario keep doin wat u doin i luv wiv all ma heart.

u're da best of da best | Reviewer: ashley | 3/24/05

Mario is da best singer i ever know his songs are the sweetest and mario always be da best for me and he is soooooooooo one is better than him even usher.I LOVEEEEEEEE UUUUUUUUU 4-eva i never gonna change u for others singers u my loveeeeeeeee.

Mario is da bomb! | Reviewer: Sugen | 3/9/05

I love Mario and oh my gosh he is so bomb and sexy! well ne wayz dat biography didn't really tell much. I wish da writer wrote more bout him.but owwweee he is so tight and he could sing. holla at cho fan. peace

Hahahahahahahahahaha | Reviewer: Anon | 3/2/05

Whoever wrote the biograpy for him is so crap and can't even spell. Anyway back to Mario he is so buff its unbeleivable even his new single you should let me love you.

i love that sing | Reviewer: Chasity Robinson | 10/23/04

Mario, i love that sing so much can you email me the sing and songing it for me please i love yooooooou very much