I love your songs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/13

OMG i like loveee yah songs so much i love the fact that yo songs seem to come frm deep down yo heart ure so lovely keep it up!!!!!! Ma bigest wish is too see u in person some day!!!!!

Dear Kimmy | Reviewer: Mario | 10/26/10

Hello Kimmy, I think that u seem to be a very cute girl and i would really appriciate if you wanted to see me sometime? Would you maybe like to come to my next consert in Orlando. I'll pay your ticket and after we can go to my hotelroom? A lot of love / u'r man Mario

Role model | Reviewer: Pheel | 2/9/08

Hey Mario,you are one of the very best voices to ever come out of this world. My best from u are How do I breathe n Kryptonite. Im PHEEL, a fast rising RnB singer from Nigeria n id say we have similar voice texture and range n that makes u one of my role models. Id like to dream big like u did and my dream is to do a song with u like the R.Kelly-Usher "Same girl". U're the best 4rm Pheel d world's greatest

i love mario | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/07

i love the songz that he alwayz comes out with and bsides the fact that he is so fine in sooooooooooooooooo many wayz he is very good and baby please keap on makeing music i love you
Yo gurl stephanie bera aka shawty from fort woth tx that goes to south hills high school

mario is so cute | Reviewer: shakyila brooks | 11/1/07

I know all the wordz to yo songz 2 off yo new album itz hot. My favorite song iz directions yo songz are so sweet and when u sing em u do it like u mean it and i luv dat.Dang where can i find a man like u??LOL okkk 4 real now i gots ta go so bye sexi

Love yoOh music boy!! | Reviewer: jazy girl | 8/29/07

Well what can i say about you huh ?? You got it all man !! I deffinetly looooooooove your dancing ((just like me dancing hardout right now too)) Far man, you are so the shit .. You just have it all meaning the whole package .. You got the voice and you got the meanest moves ever and especially the body LOL!! ALgud, but keep it up man don't give up and just keep going forward .. Oohh and one more thing, thank god you brang out "How do i breathe" that is soooo my favourite song man !! I love that song hardout .. Lyrics and all !! LOL!! well yeah alot of people look up to you and yeah just had to say that hehe .. but yeah hopefully i get to meet you someday it would be cool asssssssss .. LOL!! Well dance yah booty off hehe and keep yah singing up the way yah doOzit lol ..
Toodle'z,, MwOahzz,, x0x0

Thank You | Reviewer: Mario | 7/29/07

Thank you for all your support you are the only reason i made it this far so i am deeply thankful

mario is so fine | Reviewer: Cynthia | 7/2/07

mario the first time i saw you i literally i fell in love. i love all your songs and you. i hope you read this and we can stay in touch. my biggest dream is to oneday meet you.

luv ya,
p.s you can write to me anytime.

love you | Reviewer: aminah | 7/1/07

Mario is da best! also i love your voice and your lyrics xxx

Keep up da Gud work...... | Reviewer: kimmy | 6/12/07

Hey Mario its ya gurl Kimmy, congrating u on ya top new single '' How do I Breathe ", I'm lovin' da single at dis moment, da lyris r so true and radio stations r lovin' it.... But da next time u read a comment like dis one show me some love.....laterrr

you | Reviewer: jaquise | 5/29/07

i love every single song that he makes. he makes me feel like your in my mind cause every song he make i would be going through a similar situation

I luv all of Mario's music he's my future Husband | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/07

i think ur a great singer and ur my future husband.....lol. but anywayz i luv ur songz from yo new album good choice of music love u "Mario".

superstar | Reviewer: mpumelelo | 4/20/07

yo polite voice finishes me mymen,the messages of your songs you realy teach the what love is.actually i love anything by you by there are two recomended songs 'LET ME LOVE YOU'and'HOW COULD YOU' i usually play them to my girlfriend. ma men you realy kickstart my love with my girlfriend.i'm your biggest fun,wishing a very brigt future and waiting for all the best from you.you are a very cool superstar!!

thanks Mario you my bro | Reviewer: Tyler | 2/3/07

Mario you probaly wont see tis review... but thanks, your music makes me move on in life, gave me some courage and I appreciate you allot keep doing your stuff man You the best!! iight thanks man


I LUV MARIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he da sxccccccccc man here | Reviewer: helllllllllllllll | 1/24/06

mario i luvvvv u soooo much
u da sxc bomb
u my sxc
u i luv ya soo much
that uder biography is crap
what i say iz that u r da sxciest bomb on earth
u r hot, sexy (sxc), young, u gr8 for a girl like meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
and i wanna say, com ta sydney for me and sing for me and i shall b ur luv, and ur song u should let me luv u is my fave song and i wish u were singing it bout me, i wish u wer my hottie, i luv it and u and i wish u were ther for me
u rule at singing, especially me fave song, sing it for me, about me pleaseeeeeeeee
luv ya